Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This made me think of you all!

There's a great article in the NYTimes today that may speak to some of our friends, the compulsive runners who keep going in spite of medical injuries, etc. It made me think of myself as I'm currently benched for a 9-month pregnancy stint that I know I would absolutely be running through if I lived in the States and not in Italy. Telling me not to run (doctors, peers, friends, husband) and following orders (I'm a rule follower when it comes down to it) felt like part of what makes ME ME was being taken away. Even now, after seven months, I feel like a big phoney if I even bring up the fact that I ever ran in my life! That's how fragile the runner's ego can be! Like if I'm not doing it now then I am just not a tough enough person to call myself a runner.

But on the inside, I know that I will always be a runner.

My latest shenanigan was agreeing to take in my friend Leslie's treadmill that she got when she moved to Trieste for a year with a newborn baby (she's one of those elite runners who wins just about every race she enters. I love her). She used it for runs during baby's naps and now just wants it to have a good home.  I am secretly elated, honored, profoundly greatful that she chose mine!

My husband wants to know where I intend to put it. Did I tell you I live in a small apartment and have no idea? No biggy. It'll fit. And that is what is so exciting today!

p.s. Now I REALLY feel sucky about NOT running while pregnant!! BTW GO KARA!!! I love her. And to think we'll have kids about the same age!!! I'm about to put my my Vibrams and kick some asphalt up to the bike path. Shhh!