Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I like training during the winter better!

It's too hot, I'm too busy, and I need too much GLIDE to make my runs happy. (that's all I have for today...hahahaha)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Here's A Great Story, needed to share....

I opened my facebook page yesterday and found this posted from a good friend of mine, KEB. I got a chuckle, and I think you may, too, if you have followed our blog for a while.

"File this under- Random conversations with Strangers:

Took the kids to Strong Museum of Play yesterday and Jack was playing with another little kid in a contained area. Mom to my right says "this is a great place , eh?" I respond in positive. On her pullover there is a name I recognize- Atalanta. I say "oh you are a runner!" She said- "yes I am...how did you know?" I tell her the name she has on her jacket is the Goddess of Running. This is something she did not know. I tell her I have a friend who is quite the runner and a plethora of information. She tells me it was just a great top for mid weather running (it is a brand apparently). It has now become her favorite top with this new information. She thought her constant rubbing of her foot was my give away. "My toe is turning black I am about to lose my nail...Oh I'm sorry Is that gross??" I laugh and reply "Nope, it is a conversation I am quite familiar with!"

I had to share that with you all....ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY ATALANTA, she works in mysterious ways.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Does Hubby Blog????

The answer is NO! But you are right, Becky, I should at least let you all know that not only did he agree to run the 5k portion of the Boilermaker, but he did so without stopping. At home, he does a run/walk combination to get himself through the entire 3.2 miles. I told him that the momentum of the crowd and the energy from the music and ambiance would carry him from start to finish. IT DID. He completed his 5k in 30minutes -YAY HUBBY!!! I am proud. He said he'd do it again, so another runner is born. Atalanta smiles down on men, too! (and, he drove all the way home while I slept - such a good man) ~ c'est encroyable.

Boilermaker Report

I just added these photos (out of order, but it's all good) Here are the 15k-ers at the finish
... and the 5k-ers at the finish

all of us leaving the hotel at 6am to catch the shuttle to the start.

Simply a great time - everyone should run the Boilermaker

Me, Judi, and "LimaRuss" at the start (looking ready)
Check out my t-shirt (I chose to have my number printed directly to my shirt. Great souvenir of the race. Wish they did that at every race.)
Fast forward to the finish line - this is a permanent fixture next to the brewery!

This guy, Bill Pelton, DIDN't opt to have his number printed on his shirt but he gave me permission to take his picture and post it on the blog. HOW ABOUT THAT????

(Minken??? Thoughts??)

Now this is what I call a party!!

Just about every person who was over the age of 21 (and I'm sure some who were not) were drinking it up at 9:30 AM. Carb replacement, carb replacement.

CHEERS to all of you!
I think that pictures speak louder than words, and I tried to capture this 15k race with photos. I couldn't capture everything, but I think that you will get the idea. Having run this race, I now know why it is viewed as one of the more popular races in the country. (Elites were impressive, although I didn't so much as cast an eye on them. We snails enjoyed the music, Popsicles, crowds, belly dancers, golf course, zoo, firemen, bagpipers, and.......BEER at the end.) Had a great time running with 12,000 people and partying at the end. I'll do it again next year - anyone want to join me?

By the way, I felt great and ran a 9:33 pace (hills and all!~ nice)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Miss My BFF!

My mojo is off, my spirit is cracked, my mind is not at ease, my life is not whole, my my my ..... The only thing I can think is that I am missing my friend, Kari. I mean, really, this is HER blog too!!! I feel like Captain without my Tannile, Sonny without Cher, Hall without Oats, Siegfried without Roy, Forrest without Jennie, Tina without Ike (actully, she's better without him), DJ Jazzy Jeff without the Fresh Prince, Yoko without John, Regis without KathiLee, The Jacksons without Michael (okay, that wasn't funny), I mean REALLY, Bo withouth Luke.... the list goes on and on. She is on a yacht somewhere in the Adriatic, or something (not getting a whole lot of running done, but maybe swimming behind a dingy????) Here is what I propose -when she returns, I think she should have a blog post full of comments proclaiming how much we miss her and need her back in our lives.....sounds pathetic, doesn't it? Well, let's do it anyway!!!! What do you think.....here, I'll start.....

Monday, July 6, 2009


I convinced my husband to register to run the Boilermaker 5k this coming Sunday as I run the Boilermaker 15k. He isn't a 'runner' like many of us who decide to train for marathons and what-not, but he is a runner because he has watched me log the miles and I think that he has decided that what is good for the goose is good for the gander (or vice versa.) So, every day or so, he laces up his new running shoes and heads out for his 3 mile run. I am always proud of him, because I know that his knees aren't happy with his decision to become a member of our 'let's run' club. But he continues. Yesterday, while the boys were with their grandparents, Justin and I ran together for the first time. It wasn't anything monumental, but it was the first time we shared the pavement together. It was fun, and I kept wondering what people must have been thinking as he and I jogged past their homes together, when we are usually squeezing in these jogs separately. I was happy because I know that there not enough people in our country who take care of their health by finding time every day for physical activity - there are even fewer couples who find the time and enjoyment of running together (however long or short the run may be.) So, it may not become something that we have the opportunity to do often, but it was finally nice to run with him.....

Gotta go plot out my daily run today (time to take this marathon training a bit more serious)

Get out there and do something today!

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm Here, and still running

Kari and I knew that this blogging thing would take a slight back seat once the marathon was over. I am sad that she and I no longer have a common goal, thus, the banter isn't as exciting (at least for those of you who found our road to Paris exciting.)

I finished my last day of work last Friday and promptly hopped into the car headed for Jamestown/Williamsburg, Virginia. Several years back, a very close friend and his family packed up and moved south. This friend of ours was the best man in our wedding and the guitar player in our band for about 15 years. He continues to be my husband's best friend, despite the distance. It was absolutely wonderful to spend time with him and his family. The last time Justin and I were in Virginia visiting our friends, I had not yet rediscovered my passion for running. This time, I was happy to find that our friend's new house was located directly on quite a system of running trails. I knew that last Sunday was going to be very very hot and humid, so I knew I needed to get an early start. Having checked the map the night before, I had a rough idea of where to point my running shoes at 7am. After about 10 minutes of running, I was already off course, but continued anyway. I am sure that I was trespassing, but before I knew it, I ended up on the Colonial Parkway and Jamestown Settlement. (insert US history lesson: Jamestonw was the first successful English Colony in the New World. It is the birthplace of our European-based heritage. Quite an impressive place to visit.) As I was running in the humidity, I was constantly wondering how the early English settlers could have possibly survived the same heat and humidity. Surely, they had to do an awful amount of physical labor to maintain their settlement. While I ran nearly 9 miles, and sweat my ever-loving-ass off, I couldn't get the Jamestown settlers out of my mind. I ran out the Colonial Parkway, until I was certain that I would be able to take a left, left, right and home. It was a good thing that I asked directions from a very nice lady who was running by. If I had continued, I would have plotted the next Jamestown Marathon - no possible way to end up home by taking a left, left and right.....ooopps. So, this lady ran with me until I was sure that I knew my way back. I found the trails behind the house and made my way back to our friend's house. I am so glad that I don't live in that humidity - there would be no marathon training for this marathoner, that is for sure.

Our family said our goodbyes and headed next to Washington, DC. The best part of this trip was watching my two young children experience their first hotel room. They loved our hotel. Again, the humidity was just cripling - I couldn't bring myself to get a run in while we were in DC - I justified it by saying that we got a lot of walking in (Air and Space Museum and the National Zoo.)

Today, I managed a nice 11 mile run but still feel like I've been lagging in my training. I should have been able to do a full 15 miles by this time in my training regimin, but I couldn't imagine going one step farther.

I finally bought a new pair of running shoes. I actually did the whole FLEET FEET fitting, etc. No shocker here that I have been running in shoes that are way too small for me. My usual 9.5 saucony running shoes are officially traded-in for an upgraded size 11 model. My feet will thank me, I am sure. I am only fearful of blisters caused by the larger shoes - I'll let you all know tomorrow. I have to get out and do 9 miles tomorrow (time to play catch-up.)

On a different note, I will be running the 15k Boilermaker in Utica, NY this coming weekend. It is supposed to be the greatest race to a beer tent in the greater New England area. I can't wait to run this with my LimaRuss friend and his contingency of Lima friends (who I had the chance to train with last week.) I have even talked my husband into running the 5k - YAY JUSTIN!!!!!

On that note - I'm outta here. I miss you all and miss our blog. There are good things in store for the two of us (Kari and I) you just have to trust us as we finalize our new plan.......