Friday, February 27, 2009


If we can't get our blogging technical difficulties sorted out, Kari and I may have to abort the marathon. I can't train without the blog....and we don't know what is going on with our blog. I can't open it to read it....what the bloddy heck is going on???

Please stick with us!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Friends are Good to their Running Friend, and I thank them for it!

Yoga is supposed to be helpful for runners. In fact, I will quote an article that I found written by Baron Baptiste titled "Yoga for Runners"
"During the course of an average mile run, your foot will strike the ground 1,000 times. The force of impact on each foot is about three to four times your weight.

Ok, so stick with me on this.....26,100 foot strikes over the course of a marathon multiplied by 3.5 times your weight (I'm keeping that secret) = 15,529,500 pounds of impact on your feet. Now, I'm not sure if that is PER foot, or if that number is divided between the two feet, but either way, it's a lot of pressure on the runner's feet. So, in that light, cut us some slack when we say that our backs, knees, hamstrings, feet, and hips hurt.

"If you bring your body into balance through the practice of yoga, you can run long and hard for years to come. Although yoga and running lie on opposite ends of the exercise spectrum, the two need not be mutually exclusive. In fact, running and yoga make a good marriage of strength and flexibility.

So, I get it, I get it. Try Yoga, right? Well, I after a three year break, returned to yoga this evening. During my meditative final phase of this evening's yoga session, ( I don't know what it is technically called, sorry) I was thinking about Ms. Running Fool's most recent post about how to be a good friend to a runner. Well, my non-running friends ROCK - just take a look at this photo of KEB (non-running follower), Me (runner), and HC (non-running water/orange provider on long runs). All three of us went to Yoga tonight (after I ran 4 miles) and it was fabulous! I felt elongated, I felt loosened, I felt restored. I felt that I need to do this again very, very soon! I feel great, and blessed....Namasté.

For our non-running friends who have to put up with us

We know that you know this already and that you know that we know that you know this, but it's still a good idea to print this and stick it on your refrigerator. Thanks again, Miss Running Fool!

Belgium, we KNEW we could count on you!

To all seven of you, our friends from Belgium, we welcome you, we thank you, we love you! I'm pretty sure there are more of you out there, though. I am almost positive. But you're so quiet! That's okay, really. Our love for you is unconditional.

Good News!

The new Camelbak totally works. I used it for Carnevale in Muggia on Saturday night. We rode the bus there and back (I promise we weren't the only ones dressed up. There were even other pigs on the bus!) and to take away the plasticky taste, I threw in some (a splash, really, of) homemade wine diluted with water, which the Triestini surprisingly call a SPRITZ. I used the Camelbak the next day (sans vin) for my run in Val Rosandra with Sweetie. It did the trick. I also went gel shopping on Saturday, so I'll be trying some of those out this weekend for the 20-miler .

What do you think of the costumes? Cool, huh? They're nice and warm.

Will SHE ever forgive us??!

I sure hope so.

Laura, I think you forgot someone...

Gosh. I hope his feelings aren't hurt. I think we owe him an apology.
Sorry, Manneken Pis...
KARI - I can't believe I left him out. . . I think we need to rethink our number one concern. Perhaps we could reach celebrity status...(laura)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Becky, Thom, Minken - this is for you!

While followers may not see much traffic on some of our blog posts, I will say that we often receive more e-mails from our posts than comments. This certainly was the case of my previous post on the culinary highlights of Belgium. So, in response to those e-mails, I am feverishly scrambling to publish a post that highlights one of the little known secrets of Belgium - now bear with me, as I try to make the connection to running, I'll get there PROMISE!

It was 5 years ago that I discovered my closet romance with the Tour de France. I was ashamed of my passion for the most unbelievable demonstration of athleticism that I had ever seen. Sure, I had watched clips on ESPN before, but really - what is more boring than a bunch of guys on bikes? Well, if you have never watched the Tour, or any biking event for that matter, you are missing something amazing.

Now, five years later, I am submerged into the cycling culture (as submerged as one can be without actually being a biker.) I wish that I had been as interested in this sport 18 years ago as I am now because if I had been, I would not have missed the Spring Classics (the Ghent-Wevelgem, the La Flèche Wallonne , La Doyenne and the Paris-Brussels.) These all take place in April - and I am hopeful that I can catch a glimpse of my favorite Belgian cyclist, Tom Boonen, as he attacks the cobbles this April. (gosh, he's beautiful!) But, 18 years ago, I could have at least done an ode to Eddy Merckx ride - right? I would certainly have known to look for a younger Johan Bruyneel (the mastermind tactician behind Lance's Tour de France Victories)

Which brings me to Lance Armstrong - impressive enough in his Tour de France fame! And, as we followers know, his history is still unfinished as he has decided to ride again this year! As I have embarked on what has proven to be an amazing journey of marathon training, I am constantly reminded of Lance's retirement and his decision to run a marathon. I have done a bit of reading into his training schedule and preparation for all three of his marathons. There were naysayers, for sure, but there were more people who were convinced that his lung capacity and his dedication to training would bring him in somewhere around 2hours and 20 minutes. Armstrong's time was 2 hours, 59 minutes and 36 seconds.(barely within the 3-hour goal that he set for himself.) For his next marathon, the seven-time Tour de France winner trained harder, was injury-free and drew upon the experience of running his previous marathon and despite the fact that he referred to his first marathon as "the hardest physical thing I have ever done," he completed in his second marathon in 2 hours, 46 minutes, 43 seconds! The latest marathon that Lance ran was the Boston Marathon (2 hours, 50 minutes, and 58 seconds.)

Now, I have two thoughts on this: 1 - the fact that this man, who has endured the Tour de France on many many occasions, winning 7 of them, says that a marathon is the hardest thing he has ever done makes me very nervous (not gonna lie.) 2 - the fact that this guy has said that and gone on the run two more marathons gives me hope.

There you go, friends. I am listening to your comments.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nous Aimons les Belges!

WELCOME TO OUR BLOG, Belgian friends. I will see that Kari translates everything into correct french (because I'm just not that good!!!)
Many of our faithful followers have discovered by now that we have been on a full-court press to get our Belgian supporters on board. I now see that our country count includes Belgium and I am finally complete!!!

As an ode to Belgium, I want to share some interesting facts and details about our beloved Belgium....

Belgium has a population of 10.3 million people and if it were a state in the United States it would rank as the 8th most populous state (somewhere between Ohio and Michigan.) Despite its size, it has three official languages - does anyone know what they are?

There are over 800 kinds of beer made in Belgium and Belgians consume an average of 150 liters of beer per person each year. Despite the fact that there are so many beers to choose from, my beer of choice (the Chrysler of beers, if you will) is and continues to be Jupiler. Tell me, what is the indication of a perfectly poured glass of Jupiler?

Not to be outdone by their beverage of choice, Belgium is a culinary mecca - if for nothing else but for its chocolate, frites, and waffles.
Jean Neuhaus invented the PRALINE chocolate in Brussels and these morsels of goodness should not be passed over by ANYONE. Belgium produces 220,000 tons of chocolate per year. After many hours of enjoying the Jupiler, Kari and I would often frequent one of many Frites stands, where we would enjoy these "BELGIAN" fries (complete with mayonnaise, thank you.) Does anyone know where French Fries originated?

Lastly, to complete our food tour, let's face it - that's all that really matters sometimes! Let us not forget the ever popular and oh so delicious Belgian Waffle. Now, let's not be mislead by what we Americans believe to be the Belgian waffle. There are, in fact, three kinds of waffles, but Kari and I will assure you that when in Liege, there is only ONE kind of waffle. This Gauffre is by far, the best smelling thing you will ever experience - do you think we can order some up for the 20th mile? I've tried to replicate them in my at-home-waffle maker, but alas, I can not reproduce the buttery, sugary mix. Only 50 days to go until I can sink my teeth into one of these.
And, now as I leave you all for a bit of coffee, I ask you to also look into Belgium's connection to Smurfs. (more later) It sure is a smurfy day!!! I am running 12 miles this morning and then off to our Red Carpet Party/Fundraiser (to benefit the local historical society. Always a good time, I'll post photos)
PS - just because I have chosen to report on Belgium's food does not undermine the fact that it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, inhabited by some of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met (but the food is good, too).

Friday, February 20, 2009

I Have One, Too!!!

As promised, I am also posting a photo of my Belgian BFF from Ste Veronique, the all-girl Catholic school that I attended while on exchange to Belgium. I had forgotten that Kari and I were just about the only exchange students in Liege to be placed in all-girl schools. I wonder if there was any reason for that????? I loved this class, and the prof, Mme Robertz was awesome! She single-handedly made my acquisition of the french language her personal priority, and I thank her for that! I had lost contact with all of these girls, but reconnected only recently. I hope to share a celebratory drink with them when I make a stop in Belgium after the marathon. I can't wait to spend Easter in Liege!

And here are the two catholic girls playing hookie!! We were trying to cheer up our very sick Aussie friend, Janet. Gosh, I wish we could find Janet on the internet somewhere. Like most Aussies, she was a rock-solid soul!!!
AND (as a side note) Kari - what IS up with our peeps from Belgium? We love them more than we love most things. Heck, they are the reason that we have arrived to this place in our lives - why aren't the representing??? I shall make it my personal challenge to place a 'call-out-to-Belgium-peeps' Blog.

My BFF Belgian Girls from 5d

Did I tell you that I went to an all-girls school in Liège when we were exchange students? Wow!

These are my girls. I'm in the front holding up a St. Jacques (that's the name of the school and it's about to celebrate it's 100th birthday) t-shirt that they all signed (wasn't that sweet?). There was a little party then. Someone had just wheeled in a cart of soda and juice, and BEER! Hello, culture shock. Anyway, thanks, Jessie, for posting this photo to Facebook, and hello again, my long lost friends from 5ième D! This was the year, by the way, that I fell in love with poetry, thanks to my classmates (at school studying was cool) and Jacques Radoux, our awesome French teacher...
p.s. The girl in the back with the multi-colored cardigan sweater? That's Valérie. She lives in Paris now and I'm staying at her house the weekend of the marathon. THANK YOU!

Here is What's on the Waffle Iron for the Weekend

Tonight I have a birthday party to go to: Tanti Auguri, Francesca! Then tomorrow I'm going to get a 5 or 6-mile run in, then go to Palmanova to trade in my Camelbak reservoir that had a hole in it when I bought it (talk about heart break!!) so that I can use it on Sunday for my 12-mile run, which I will do alone this week, and without the camera (I may change my mind depending on the weather). I am also going GU shopping!! Isn't that exciting? Saturday night I am going to rome the streets of Muggia with Sweetie for Carnevale. We are dressing up as pigs (pictures to look forward to. Can't wait! :O) (laura, here, - Kari, DRESSED UP AS PIGS? I hope you are not planning on getting raffled off by the Rotarians!)

Next week I will be putting more miles in. I feel good and my long runs from now until the marathon will be alternating between 12 and 20 miles (there may be a short taper run that last week. I will have to check). Hopefully I will be stronger with each 20-miler.

What's your waffle topper this weekend?

Help Me Understand This...

Okay, I just counted. This blog has been read from 23 different countries. Isn't that amazing?! There is just one thing I don't get: NOT ONE of them is Belgium.

We love you, Belgium. Why don't you love us??

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Promising News for my Nutrition Issues

If this year's Paris Marathon is anything like last year, we should be okay!

Organisation : 2008

General statistics
28 261 runners,
200 000 spectators,
2 700 volunteers,
9 refreshment stands (KM 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and finish),
On these stands
17 000 kg of bananas,
17 050 kg of oranges,
436 800 bottles of water,
2 000 kg of dried fruit,
2 000 kg of sugar (cubes),
Please note that you will find energy drink only on 2 points: km 30 and 40.
11 000 litres de jus de fruits Joker à l'arrivée,
12 000 litres de Powerade Aqua + sur les km 10, 20, 25, 30 et 35.-->

7 CAISSE D'ÉPARGNE sponge stations: 30 000 sponges,
70 music groups on the route,
20 000 runners at the Pasta Party (Saturday),
3 000 items of sports clothes (windbreaker, polo, shoes, cap) for the organisationand voluntary staff,
+ 50 000 gifts/samples distributed to spectators on the route by sponsors,
50 cars used by the organisation,
6 first aid stations on the route + 1 first aid station /massage in the finish area.


What the Heck Were We Laughing About?

So I just ran into this drawing, which is of a picture from our year in Belgium. That girl on the right is Christine, who will be meeting us in Paris. That girl in the middle is Lawna from Canada, where is she? And on the left there, that's me. We were in the Ardennes and Lawna and I thought it would be HILARIOUS if we switched sweaters. Is that what we were laughing about, Christine? Or was it something else? Do YOU remember?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Runner B's Response

Read the following response from Runner B as she emails Runner A about this week end's long run. Then answer the questions at the end. Use complete sentences.

Runner B:
Hit the wall, girfriend I did!! But it's my fault. I ate half a piece of bread before taking off. Encouraging, though, is the fact that one bite of bread (which was a chore. Eating? Nauseating idea at mile 20... we went a little over) got me through it. So it was fine, but my long runs are mfing difficult man, and full of hills (good and bad). SO I felt incredibly slow, but it went fine. I didn't have the satisfying finish I did last time (when I felt like I could do a marathon with my eyes closed), even though technically I should be able to finish 26 now that I've done 20. But I felt like I would be crawling to the end (the important thing is to finish, right?). This week I will go out and buy some gu and be done with these crises...

Anyway, I'm sort of exaggerating. The wall wasn't that hard. It's just that this was the first time that I didn't feel like if I just went a little slower I would be fine. I just didn't feel like running anymore at one point, and had to take a 5-minute walking break or so, then I ran the rest of the 15 minutes without any problem. My ice bath was too short, but my feet were freezing in there... then last night I took an Aleve and today I'm fine. Today is a day off! Thanks for the encouragement.

Short answer questions: Answer the following. Use complete sentences.

1. According to Runner B, why did she "hit the wall"?
2. How would Runner B characterize the nature of her long runs?
3. Why was Runner B's ice bath too short?

Essay question (extra credit) :
Do you think Runner B will be able to finish the Paris Marathon on two feet? Explain.

For all of you followers who simply read the posts and don't bother with the comments, this is one comment-thread that you can't skip over!!! MDR!!! - Laura-

An e-mail between two runners.

"Good morning girl! It sounds like you might need a pick-me-up???? The run wasn't GREAT???? They say that the 20 miler is intended to give you a taste of hitting the wall. I am assuming that you hit it, right? As I ran for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles...(as the song goes) I was thinking about how crazy the obsession with running nutrition is. In fact, I drank less sports drink and mostly water. I had an orange at mile 9 or 10 (I'll reach for those every time in Paris, if they have them. They are happy in my belly.) Other than that, I didn't do a thing. Having said that, when I tell you that I don't think I could have run another step, I am not joking. But, for that matter, I feel that way after every long run and then end up running quite a few more steps the following week. My legs and achilles were SCREAMING when I was done. Immediately after my ice bath, I was worried that it hadn't done it's magic. I couldn't walk. The key for me was to sleep it off. It was somewhat like a hangover. I climbed into bed with my 3 year old ( who desperately needed to sleep off his grumpy mood) and we both took a 4 hour nap. AHHHHHH..... when I stood up from my place of rest, I was admitedly nervous about the pending pain, but was shocked to find that I was mobile and relatively pain free. RELATIVELY. I was still nervous about the prospect of shaking my bootay for four hours at our gig, but that seemed to act like a lactic-acid de-tox. Et VOILA! My recipe for happy legs and such."

PS _ i am trying to upload another picture, but Blogger is not allowing it....I'll try again soon.

Here's What the Big TWO-OH Looked Like!

This sums up the first 41 minutes of the run. I went from my house up to the Padriciano golf course to meet up with Marko, who was waiting there with his bike and his camera. (My own paparazzo?!)

circa: 2 hours +


This is what Trieste looks like on a sunny day. This is about 20 minutes before my food crisis. Running nutrition is important. Remind me to check on that before my next long run... Here's what a food crisis feels like: you can see the GRIM REAPER hold his hand out to you, you only want to walk (towards him), your stomach hurts and the last thing you want to do is eat something. I also had a little nausea. I ate a piece of bread from my backpack and it got me through the rest of the run (left the REAPER in this tunnel here). Remind me to go GU shopping this week!

This used to have real trains going through it! I would like to say that I was going through it like a train, but that would be exaggerating just a tad. I was at about a shuffle by this point. All in all, it was tough, but it was twenty miles (the first of three 20-milers I hope to do before the marathon), which I followed up with an ice bath (ahhh!), a big omelette with asparagus, a bunch of bread, and a looooooong nap!
Already looking forward to step-back week and the twelve mile run next week.

Thanks, Marko, for the great company and the photos!

There's Always Room for Jell-o

Following my previous post, there have been numerous questions about the Jell-o connection and the possibilities of jell-o paraphenalia coming to Paris with me. Let me give you a sneak-peek into the connection between my hometown, my family, and this dainty dessert....... (be sure to check the link.....)

For those of you who have known me since before I was married check out the name of the director.....
For those of you who have met my son, check out the cute kid on the wagon.....
For those of you who know of my equine friend, you probably recognize him....

Go ahead, browse away, and be sure to let me know what I need to bring with me to Paris. My personal favorite (besides the traditional shirt)....check out the boxers! (now imagine your favorite guy wearing them as you sing 'watch it wiggle, see it jiggle...')

I Ran 20 Miles Yesterday

But who's counting?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let me show you LeRoy, New York

....or at least parts of it.

I woke up yesterday morning wondering if my still-somewhat-sore-legs from last week would carry me the full 16 (gasp) miles from home and back. As with all of my long runs, this distance would prove to be more of a mental game than a physical challenge (and that truly continues to amaze me!)

I didn't bring my camera, but I had my cell phone, sorry for the bad photos, but you'll get the picture!(a little local history, folks) - Jell-o was founded in my little town of LeRoy, New York. While it is no longer made in LeRoy, the building where it was manufactured still exists. It is now actually a paint-ball facility (local kids love it) but I'd be remiss if I didn't include this photo. (LeRoy's claim to fame, I guess.) Paris has the Tour d'Eiffel, and LeRoy has JELL-O.

Kari speaks so often of her cemetery run, so I thought it fitting to include this lovely picture. Truth be told, I love cemeteries. If this one weren't closed for the winter, I would have gone inside and run a few miles in there. It is gorgeous, truly. There is a place way way way in the back where my kids like to fish (Oatka Creek photos next) and, not to be morbid, but my mother-in-law and father are both buried here.

(ok, so my hand was in the way...) This is the now raging Oatka Creek. It is not usually a level V whitewater rafting site, but with all the snow that has turned into rain, the melt-off is having it's way with our Mighty Oatka. (lots of flooded basements this week in our area!- right Keb?) Our local festival carries the name of this creek and is held the teen-week of July (homecoming celebrations galore! Our band just got booked to play the local bar for the weekend of the Oatka Festival - stop on out if you are in the area.) For now, though, it is simply a landmark that I run past on my long runs.

Unlike my running partner, Kari, I run in a largely RURAL area - please note photo. This picture was taken moments after my water/orange break at HC's house (forgot to take a picture.) It was right about here (mile 10, I think) that I thought I'd be in trouble if anything happened to me. Much of my running path is so barren and wide-open that it could take quite some time for anyone to come across me. As a matter of fact, the only person that I saw outside during my entire 16-mile run was a man in a cowboy hat. I thought of asking him to pose for a picture, but he reminded me so much of Clint Eastwood that I was certain he wouldn't say "Go ahead, Punk, make my day" and I'd feel like a running idiot. Anyway, picture that in your mind and you're half way there! (I wasn't feeling like a 'lucky, punk")

So, as I continued to put one foot in front of the other I struggled to make my 16-miles an easy one. My time was nice (2hrs 27 minutes) but my body just wasn't strong. I find myself, again, looking forward to my step-back week - but I am also looking forward to my next big PR of 18 miles in two weeks.

Happy to have that run behind me.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Here's What's in the Fry Daddy for the Weekend

Tonight we're going out for supper in Slovenia for deep-fried meats stuffed with other meats and cheese (Lubljanska. Yum!) with a couple of friends. Then tomorrow I'm going to try to rest because I feel tired and I don't want to get what everyone else seems to be getting. Tomorrow night we're going all out for the V-day festivities. I will comb Bosco (the grocery store) for something fancy (and cheap) to make and Sweetie is making his version of Chocolate Melting Cake for dessert (ten servings, for the two of us). Then Sunday I'm going to do my 20-miler (Yawn. Totally not as exciting as 18 miles was. Don't know why) with Marko. You remember him, he's the guy whose 19-mile plan I followed last Saturday. He's going to come with me on his bike (and go really slow) and maybe take some pictures. Who knows.

The weather is supposed to be good. Cross your fingers.

Have a great weekend!

Partner, whuchyoo got fryin' for the weekend?

Sorry about that

last snore of a post... zzzzz

I hope you didn't feel obligated to rehash those old workouts... But remember the swollen knees and looming hills? The cold, the rain, the pride of a job well done? The PR's? The ice baths, the loops around the cemetary? The endorphin rushes?

Cripes. Time flies.


Let's Archive Weeks One to Ten

Let us not forget from whence we came...
But let's archive these suckers...

Dec. 1 - 7.1 miles
Dec. 6 - 4.36 miles, 7.1 miles,
Dec. 7 - Golf course route 45 min.
Dec. 9- 4.36 miles
Dec. 10 - 6.4 miles
Dec. 11 - 4.36 miles
Dec. 13- 6.4 miles
Dec. 14 - 9.28 miles
Dec. 16 - 4.36 miles
Dec. 17 - 5.55 miles
Dec. 18 - 4.36 miles
Dec. 20 - Too piddly to map
Dec. 21 - 7.1 miles
Dec. 23 - 7.1 miles
Dec. 25 - 40 min (5 degrees F!!)
Dec. 26 - 10.62 Treadmill
WEEK FIVEDec. 30 - 7 miles on cruiseship track
Dec. 31 - 6 miles on cruiseship track
Jan. 1 - 5.5 miles Treadmill
Jan. 2 - 1 mile walk for the cure on cruiseship track
WEEK SIXvarious airports and planes: Jan. 3, 4, 5
Jan. 6 - recooperation day
Jan. 7 - 7.1 miles
Jan. 8 - 7.1 miles
Jan. 9 - 7.1 miles
Jan. 10 - 14 miles (7.1 miles x 2)
Jan. 11 - Mountain hike (x-train)
Jan. 13 - 7.1 miles
Jan. 14 - 7.1 miles
Jan. 16 - 7.1 miles
Jan. 17 - 7.1 miles + 9.28 miles = 16.38 miles. WOOHOO!
WEEK EIGHTJan. 20 - 7.1 miles
Jan. 21 - 4.85 miles
Jan. 23 - 7.1 miles PR 1:09:03
Jan. 24 - 13K (running group)
Jan. 25 - 18.7 miles (9.35 x 2)
Jan. 27 - 2.54 miles (against my own will)
Jan. 28 - 4.1 miles
Jan. 31 - 11.1 miles
Feb. 2 - 4.1 miles
Feb. 5 - 4.6 miles
Feb. 6 - 4.1 miles
Feb. 7 - +/- 19 miles AWESOME!

I RAN TO WORK TODAY and it was okay

I ran home from work yesterday (hint to others thinking of doing same... don't run for ten minutes and then realize you left your keys on your desk...). This morning I took advantage of the fact that my work shoes were already sitting under my desk to run back.

It was a good, mostly uphill ordeal, but do-able ("pian e ben" as they say in Trieste) and I did it in 59 minutes. I got to work about 30 minutes before everybody else and ducked into a bathroom, washed my hair (travel-size No More Tears, thank you very much), and stuffed it into a space-age microfiber turban that my sister-in-law gave me and let that soak up some of the wet while I sponged off the rest of me (thanks to microfiber towel 2-- 5 for 5 euros at the grocery store a few weeks ago), changed clothes (minor panic attack when I thought I had forgotten to pack PANTS!), threw on a little mascara (which looked sort of ridiculous on my tomato face), threw wet clothes into a plastic bag (that will be lethal by the time it gets home) and pranced into my office and waited for someone brag to.

Sure, I told everyone I could. No one cared, though. My running HOME from work yesterday and last Thursday was SHOCKING for my colleagues. Comments on hat, craziness, questions, hooplah (Karoline basking). The fact that I ran TO work (did I mention it was uphill? Logistically much more complicated??) was, like, NO BIG DEAL.

p.s. That there's a picture of my backpack. It's great for running because it has two straps accross the front that make for little or no bouncy. Why two pairs of shoes, you ask? The yellow ones are for rainy days, the blue ones are for nice days. Today was a blue day.
p.s.s. If you click on the picture you can see my ROAD TO PARIS button and the only thing I had room to bring for lunch: a can of tuna. Bon appétit!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I want one of these!

There are many things that are making me run, but damn if I can't wait to get one of these around my neck.

In order to earn one of these, we will be finishing the marathon under the 6 hour limit. It is my understanding that the Paris Marathon is notable for the attractive route through the heart of the city of Paris, and for the food and drinks stations which include wine, beer, cider and oysters. This makes me wonder: if I find the GU shots to cause digestive upheaval, how will my body respond to the oysters with beer chaser??? Perhaps I will have to test that out on my next long run.

Don't Fear the Bora

Why not add the Bora to our list of Goddesses? She who spits with arctic winds-- we must embrace her! She comes from the direction of SIBERIA, after all, so she is definitely tough. She can be our WINTER GODDESS. From what Laura says, Miss Bora is in LeRoy today. Laura, may she run with you and never against you! By the way, I looked up the Bora on wikipedia to see if she really was a goddess, and, no, she's not. Her name comes from a boy-god name, and I think we have enough boy gods. I think my running partners will agree that we can never have enough running goddesses, though, so I vote to keep her. What do you say?
Amazingly, things are calm, sunny and cold today. Perfect weather for running home from work. I'm so excited. I brought my little backpack with all the fixins for a late afternoon run. I will leave my work shoes at work, just like last week. Remember, if you're driving on the Strada per Basovizza between 6 and 7 today, keep an eye out for me and take it slow, please!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And we return, again, to Atalanta....

Our fellow blogger, and new friend, Ms. Psychobabble, has posted the most remarkable Ode to Atalanta. While Kari and I have spent hours bowing to the honor of Atalanta, goddess of Running and Romance, our dear friend Psychobabble has continued her research of this mighty goddess and posted some more facts about her amazing competition and accomplishments. The cool thing is that we will be visiting her statue at the Louvre and plan a ceremonial offering and photo-opp while there. THAT - will be something to see. Please visit our friend's blog, as we have completely embraced the contributions that she has made to our training. We look forward to all the fun times in Paris. (less than two months away)

Sun to come?

I looked at the weather report, and it PROMISES not to give us any more rain until next Thursay. Should we believe it? Why, yes, we should. Why? Because it suits us! I'm on a mission to get you some decent pictures of Trieste so you'll come visit me. Sun will help. Yes it will!

Tomorrow is Thursday, and you know what that means!! IT'S RUN HOME FROM WORK DAY! And the day after that? Well, it's Friday!

Are you excited? Me, too!

Bad news: a little sore throat-- which is NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN WHEN YOU'RE TRAINING. Don't worry, I won't let it stop me, though...

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here's what 19 miles looks like in Trieste

That ugly building there is the hospital. As a landmark it's a little like the Eiffel tower. If you find it you can't get lost.

That, down there, is where I started and just beyond is the Adriatic Sea.

There's a big long ugly building there. That's my house.

Thank goodness I didn't need to stop here!

The path down to the village of Longera.

Osmizza in vicinity. Homemade wine at someone's house. Try. to. ignore. this...

The woods leading to Sincrotrone. My first time through here.

After 7k of path from Basovizza I arrived in Slovenia.

I accidentally looped around this village twice. Doh!

The bike path back to Italy.

The border between Italy and Slovenia.

Water break in Trebiciano, Italy.

View from path leading from AREA Science Park to Golf course. You can see the gulf of Trieste down there.

There you can see the gulf and the city of Trieste.

In the background you can see the hospital again, from there, I headed home.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Yesterday's Walk in the Mountains

Here is what yesterday's walk in Cima Sappada looked like. Snowy.

Luna got a kick out of the snow, though. She kind of swam through it and jumped and frolicked and chased other dogs through it.
This is the road that we hiked on. Closed to cars in winter, I guess... Good thing they warned us about slippery conditions and snow, you know just in case!