Monday, October 13, 2008

Are you there, Hal? It’s me, Karoline

From October 9, 2008.
I wake up, face Paris, and say my prayer to Uncle Hal Higdon, “Dear Hal, Please let me be able to get my run in today—however far it is.” My eyes are puffy and tired, my legs heavy and unwilling...and it is as if Uncle Hal heard my prayer, because today is Thursday of week one (it’s the second time I’ve done week one): “HILL WORK. 3X”
So I run a good 3.5 minutes to where the big hill is behind my house. I know every step of it because I huff up the thing 3 or 4 times a week just to get up to the bike path. It’s steep. It takes about a minute or so to get to the top. Yes-- one minute—one very intense minute of hell. In fact, no one would look at me funny for driving to the top and parking there to get to the bike path. People do it all the time-- they drive up a hill that would take one minute to run.
So I run up it three times. That means today’s training is more or less a 3-minute run plus 3.5 to get there and a nano-second to get back home, because it is so much easier compared to going up that hill (by the way, every time I run this hill I wonder if I have sports-induced asthma). Then I get home and hit the shower. All done for the day and it only took about ten minutes.
And tomorrow, Friday? It’s REST DAY!
Thank you, Hal. AMEN!

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  1. "Dear Hal, please grant me the energy to run the workout; the mental determination to push through the exhaustion; and the foresight to see why I am doing this. And, by the way Hal, please make it possible that I become one of the 99% of your followers to finish their first marathon. In this, I ask you OH HAL, ...."