Monday, October 27, 2008

Laughter, Tigers, and New Sneakers

Again, some of the best banter between me and my running partner takes place behind closed doors, so to speak. I spent the better half of this morning e-mailing Kari about small details of our training. Most of our comments would make absolutely no sense to anyone other than her and I, but you must believe me when I say it - these short e-mails make the training for this marathon a blast. I must say that I depend on Kari for her input on things like proper clothing for winter training, advice on gps devices that are out there for runners, thoughts on cross-training, how come new sneakers that are identical to the old ones don't fit like they should, ideas for what to wear to Paris in April (will it be cold enough for winter jackets? Should we have someone make us special matching jackets for the occasion?)... on and on we go. I think our messages are going to quickly turn to where the after-party is going to be and who we are going to put in charge of planning it. (Kari, I strongly suggest that it NOT be either of us OR our husbands.)

In any case, we are creating a very unique relationship. Kari and I communicate each and every day - multiple times. Even though she's an ocean away, it feels like we are running side by side. I wish you could hear us laugh as we train for this marathon - I think my friends think I'm nuttier than usual (as if the whole marathon idea didn't seal the deal, now I'm belly laughing in front of the computer every day.)

So - keep with us, we're having fun. Hope you plan on joining us for more laughter.

AND, by the way, I bought new sneakers yesterday - AHHHHHHH, my feet thank me.

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