Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What keeps me going?

So, Karoline did not fall off her stilettos, it seems that she is swamped at work. I, like you, miss her posts (so witty, so witty) but she e-mailed me to say that she is offline the majority of the day. Of course, ever trying to ONE UP ME, she managed to go for a one-hour and forty minute jaunt. That, for one, keeps me going. I want to be able to say that I ran for over an hour and a half. My legs aren't there yet. I DID run for 50 minutes today - my legs felt great before, during and after. I want to be like you, Kari.

I reconnected with a high-school friend this evening. We were talking about jobs, life, kids, beer, and local gossip. She said that she wants to run a marathon at least once in her life. Damn, if I'm not doing that right now. That, for two, keeps me going.

The fact that our friends are actually considering joining us in Paris - to run or not. The fact that the crazy notion has entered other people's minds. The mere idea of getting to Paris with some friendly faces around me (Kari, Josh, Jill, hopefully more to come), that, for three, keeps me going.

All the encouragement from followers of this blog (and on facebook, at work, at home) makes me smile every morning. I look forward to seeing if there are any words of encouragement attached to our posts. I check the e-mail for small messages of 'you go girl.' My students have started a cheering section (ok, maybe heckling) That, for four, keeps me going.

Thanks for keeping me going. I still can't wrap my mind around 26.2 miles. BUT, I am further today than I was last week. I can't wait.


  1. I keep you going?! Shucks, Laura, this is the best post EVER!!! MWAH.

  2. I can't believe you all are running for that length of time! I did sprints last night for half an hour, and am completely sore and creaky this morning!

    You go, girls!

  3. Laura
    I finished the Melbourne half marathon yesterday for the second time now, and the satisfaction of finishing the half (let alone the whole) is something that will keep me coming back year after year. Maybe I'll set myself for the full run next year - but only if the big guy upstairs can try to make it a bit cooler and calmer than yesterday's 28 degree 25 knot howler here in Melbourne.....
    At 1 hour and 38, I improved a PB by 7 minutes - it's addictive - bring on next year!