Monday, November 10, 2008

Now we are getting somewhere

After that first pledge I found the courage to convince three of my co-workers to pledge as well. I said “Keep your pledge low! Then I will take the next five months to convince you to double the amount you actually give...” So far we have 80 euros’ worth of pledges for the Rotary PolioPlus foundation! Isn’t that great??

With the 21k run I did yesterday (a hilly course but I felt pretty good and finished in 2:13:27--We never promised to WIN the marathon, after all, just finish it!) I am now at the half-way point for marathon training, which was a bit of a psychological hurdle. Now I feel like I can eventually do this thing. The fact that we’re also starting to get pledges gives me that extra boost to keep tacking on the k’s.

Thank you everyone for your support. Also, Laura, excellent job this weekend!

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