Friday, December 19, 2008

Here's the Shirt

In real life the shirt is a much richer black and you can't see the little Italian flag sewn into the side, but isn't it cute anyway? The Rotary Wheel has REAL GOLD THREAD.
My camera had that evil red low battery thing flashing and it took about a minute-a-piece to take these two breathtaking photos, but just to give you an idea...
Happy DAY OFF! Laura is home for a snow day (man, do I miss those!!!) but promises me she will be out there running her heart out tomorrow. Me, too!
By the way, that countdown clock is deceiving. I start to relax when I look at it... 107 days... no problem. But really, we are approaching the dawn of WEEK FOUR, after which we will have completed the first third of our Hal Higdon 18 week program.
You are right, Laura, "These are the times that try men's souls!" (That Tom Paine reference, by the way, is her mantra for marathon training. She is a social studies teacher, after all..)
Have a good weekend!


  1. Hello Cristian! Good to see you on the blog.

  2. hello Laura,
    nice to meet you.
    How is going your running? Is it hard?
    I know you live in Rochester,
    We will be in USA for Christmas but I know you are far away, so we will meet in Paris

  3. I look forward to my husband and I meeting you in Paris. I feel as if I already know you. Too bad Luna can't make the trip.

  4. Karoline - time to check your math. The dawn of week four in an 18 week program does not equate one-third of our program. It isn't event one-fourth. Don't scare me like that! (let's see, four weeks, times 4 = 16 weeks, carry the 2...)

    In any case, it's going to sprint up on us faster than we run - which isn't always saying much!

  5. Gosh, you're right. Math is certainly not my forte!! I'm glad you checked it, woman, because I was starting to stress out for real!