Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I don't know how to post this

click here for a link to today's run and a peek at the Nike+ipod website that I am using to help train for the marathon.

So, I told Kari that because she was going to run 45 minutes, I would run 45 minutes. I also said that I would try to post a map of my run - boring boring boring. And here is why: I RUN ON A TREADMILL MUCH OF THE TIME! Now, you tell me what kind of moron I would look like if I posted a map of me running on a treadmill - right! So, I am attempting to grab the link from my Nike ipod program and post it to our blog, so you can see what my last workout looks like. COOL?? Yes, Cool. Only if I can get it to work... I will keep trying. I think that the only thing you can do is click the link and go to a website - not really what I want. So, as I continue to play with my new gadget (thank you again Mark, my brother) I will continue to try and post some fun graphics that go along with the program.

How was the run? It was great. My days at work are stressful as of late - gloom and doom of failing economy. My runs keep me focused on a positive goal that I have - something that will not change, even if the economy continues to spiral downward.


  1. Ohhhh I loved the link! But what does that red dot in the middle mean? And WHAT WAS YOUR POWER SONG? I am not worthy, by the way. I said I would run yesterday and then I didn't. I changed my plan. I will run tomorrow Saturday and Sunday. Either Saturday or Sunday will be long and tomorrow will be about 45 minutes.
    So good on you, Laura! You ROCK!

  2. Oh, man! When I read the title, I thought SOMETHING had happened to you and you were going to tell us you couldn't run the marathon!

    Very scary. Glad it was just a link to the iPod gadget thingie. :)