Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Take Note!

Just one day to go! Here are my travel plans (thanks Don and Bonnie! :D just kidding)...

*Tomorrow morning wake up call at 4:30a.m. for my BFF Marco E. who is picking us up at 4:45 (note to self: don't forget to remove stinky running clothes from the line and throw them in a plastic grocery bag and shove into carry-on) so that we can be at the Trieste airport (which is not in Trieste, by the way, but half an hour away from Trieste) at 5:20 so that we can check in for our 6:35a.m. (1-hour) flight to Munich where we will have a few hours to drink early morning beers (can you do that?) before stepping on a plane (for a 10-hour flight) to Chicago O'hare which is set to arrive at 3:25p.m. Christmas Eve at Grandma Jeane's house.

Aren't you so excited? Me, too.

Here's my schedule for tonight: get home, run enough miles to cover today and tomorrow (8 miles), hang up wet, stinky clothes (outside, Sweetie's orders), put shoes in a plastic bag and stick them in carry-on (If I put them in suitcase I will have to call Samsonite gorilla to close it). Preheat oven for oatmeal cookies for BFF Marco for being so kind as to take us to airport on Christmas Eve at ungodly hour. Sweetie will make 4-cheese pasta to clean out fridge.
Take Luna to babysitter Ricky's house to stay with him, wife, two black labs. Sob sob for us as she runs off with Astor and Buio without even a glance back. Home. Clink clink, finish up that bottle of white. Plunk down in front of tv (Tuesday is two Desperate Housewives episodes dubbed into Italian back-to-back. Not to be missed). Night night.*

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