Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To Thee We Pray

Well, one never can be too certain what our daily e-mails will unearth. It seems that today, Kari and I decided that we needed to research a bit more about the details of 'relieving' oneself during the marathon. Now, to clear things up, there have been numerous reports of elite marathoners who don't stop, they just 'let it run on the run.' In our research, Kari and I have consulted our new blog friend. Together, we have discovered just about every possibility known to man. There is one thing for certain, we can never be too prepared. To this end, Kari has drafted a prayer that we will begin to recite on a daily basis between now and April 5th.

"Dear God: Please please please make us not have to pee or poop during the marathon.

Love, Kari, rUntoNamAste, and Laura

To this prayer, I add: "In this we pray, oh mighty Atalanta, goddess of Running and Romance!!!"

I have done some research on our Running Goddess, Atalanta - CHECK THIS OUT!

Appearance: A beautiful and muscular young woman. (fitting)
Symbol or Attributes of Atalanta: Golden apples, running sandals (Kari's not so keen on the sandals, but thinks they may be cute)
Atalanta's Strengths: Her speed as a runner, power as a wrestler, (oh my!!) commitment to independence, loyalty.
Atalanta's Weaknesses:Kills suitors who cannot outrun her. (totally digging the suitor slaying part - watch out any males who finish slower than us in Paris!!!)

Please feel free to join us in praying to our new- found Goddess, Atalanta. Every little bit will help.


  1. Two words: adult diapers.

    The alternative is to "take a knee," like the men can do in soccer. :)

  2. So I found out today there there is a SOCCER team in Italy called Atalanta. Isn't that interesting??

  3. HAHAHAHA! Excellent. Excellent. All things lead back to futbol.