Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Historic Day

This blog has been full of milestones over the last couple months and today is no exception!

Today (drum roll please) I am running home from work.

Yes, that is right. Okay, I would like to say it's because I have decided to shun the car for good, but it's not true-- Sweety just needed it today, so he took me to work and abandoned me. He did give me a week's notice and said I could take the bus home, but it takes an hour from here and doesn't stop anywhere near my house and anyway, it's much more fun to whine and say... I guess I'll just have to make my way home ON FOOT THEN!!!

So that's what I'm going to do. I brought a small backpack where I will put my work clothes, cell phone, and keys. The shoes can stay at work under my desk. I have all of my running clothes compacted and ready to pop out like a can o' snakes from that same little backpack when I'm ready. I have a flashlight and am adequately reflective.

It's going to be awesome. Plus even though it's less than 5 miles and almost completely downhill, I think I will look pretty tough running home and get total bragging rights because I will be going from the Carso to Sea Level. Who knows, I may even switch my prepositions by accident and tell people how fun it was running TO work instead of FROM... I mean it IS the same distance. Why not??

Anyway, on your way home if you see a little reflective person with a flashlight, be kind, slow down, maybe give me a little wave...


  1. Oh gosh, a downhill run home? Less than 5 miles? Sack o' snakes? It all sounds so historic! I hope your reflective gear worked and that you didn't you get hit on the way home! That would be historic, certainly. BUT, I seriously hope you made it, because I want to hear how this turned out. As I said, the day I run home from work will be April 14th, the day of my 20-miler. (Too bad I don't have to work on that day.)

  2. Oh! I did it!! And it was so fun! I loved it. No one honked or waved, but this morning an old man (oh let's just call him an old fart) in his fiat honked at me and Luna for being in the middle of the street (it was narrow and there were no sidewalks). Does that count?