Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't Fear the Bora

Why not add the Bora to our list of Goddesses? She who spits with arctic winds-- we must embrace her! She comes from the direction of SIBERIA, after all, so she is definitely tough. She can be our WINTER GODDESS. From what Laura says, Miss Bora is in LeRoy today. Laura, may she run with you and never against you! By the way, I looked up the Bora on wikipedia to see if she really was a goddess, and, no, she's not. Her name comes from a boy-god name, and I think we have enough boy gods. I think my running partners will agree that we can never have enough running goddesses, though, so I vote to keep her. What do you say?
Amazingly, things are calm, sunny and cold today. Perfect weather for running home from work. I'm so excited. I brought my little backpack with all the fixins for a late afternoon run. I will leave my work shoes at work, just like last week. Remember, if you're driving on the Strada per Basovizza between 6 and 7 today, keep an eye out for me and take it slow, please!


  1. Bora-Bora. Isn't that a warm place?

  2. Isn't Bora-Bora's phone number 8675309?

  3. Perhaps Bora can return the ruby slippers that she took from me! I'm supposed to ignore the man behind the curtain, right?