Monday, February 16, 2009

An e-mail between two runners.

"Good morning girl! It sounds like you might need a pick-me-up???? The run wasn't GREAT???? They say that the 20 miler is intended to give you a taste of hitting the wall. I am assuming that you hit it, right? As I ran for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles...(as the song goes) I was thinking about how crazy the obsession with running nutrition is. In fact, I drank less sports drink and mostly water. I had an orange at mile 9 or 10 (I'll reach for those every time in Paris, if they have them. They are happy in my belly.) Other than that, I didn't do a thing. Having said that, when I tell you that I don't think I could have run another step, I am not joking. But, for that matter, I feel that way after every long run and then end up running quite a few more steps the following week. My legs and achilles were SCREAMING when I was done. Immediately after my ice bath, I was worried that it hadn't done it's magic. I couldn't walk. The key for me was to sleep it off. It was somewhat like a hangover. I climbed into bed with my 3 year old ( who desperately needed to sleep off his grumpy mood) and we both took a 4 hour nap. AHHHHHH..... when I stood up from my place of rest, I was admitedly nervous about the pending pain, but was shocked to find that I was mobile and relatively pain free. RELATIVELY. I was still nervous about the prospect of shaking my bootay for four hours at our gig, but that seemed to act like a lactic-acid de-tox. Et VOILA! My recipe for happy legs and such."

PS _ i am trying to upload another picture, but Blogger is not allowing it....I'll try again soon.


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  2. and might I say...She was SHAKIN', snappin her fingers, she was movin up and down....ok there is my Eddie Money reference. Seriously, this girl has a great set of lungs and it is always a great time. Thanks for the other night, great gig Exit 47!

  3. Lovin the pic, hot runner :-)
    How awesome is sleep after a long run? After stuffing my face and stretching, getting horizontal is top priority. Happy to hear that you were able to bang out a long run and still rock the house. You go girl!

  4. I think it's so cool having a running partner who is also a rock star!!