Friday, February 13, 2009

Here's What's in the Fry Daddy for the Weekend

Tonight we're going out for supper in Slovenia for deep-fried meats stuffed with other meats and cheese (Lubljanska. Yum!) with a couple of friends. Then tomorrow I'm going to try to rest because I feel tired and I don't want to get what everyone else seems to be getting. Tomorrow night we're going all out for the V-day festivities. I will comb Bosco (the grocery store) for something fancy (and cheap) to make and Sweetie is making his version of Chocolate Melting Cake for dessert (ten servings, for the two of us). Then Sunday I'm going to do my 20-miler (Yawn. Totally not as exciting as 18 miles was. Don't know why) with Marko. You remember him, he's the guy whose 19-mile plan I followed last Saturday. He's going to come with me on his bike (and go really slow) and maybe take some pictures. Who knows.

The weather is supposed to be good. Cross your fingers.

Have a great weekend!

Partner, whuchyoo got fryin' for the weekend?


  1. Meat stuffed with meat and cheese?

    I am so there.

  2. This weekend is much like last weekend (minus the skiing on Sunday.) I will be running the 15 +1 miles on Saturday followed by a long nap. Saturday night may be romantic evening out for many of you, but for me it means singing to a room full of drunk love-birds. Thankfully, there will be no skiing on Sunday. I don't know if my body can handle another weekend like last weekend. Sunday will essentially be a relaxing day. (I can't wait)

  3. That sounds great (especially the food!) Hope you got some pics :)

    20 miles is 32 kilometres. I had to convert that before I fully understood the magnitude!! OMG I am in awe!