Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What the Heck Were We Laughing About?

So I just ran into this drawing, which is of a picture from our year in Belgium. That girl on the right is Christine, who will be meeting us in Paris. That girl in the middle is Lawna from Canada, where is she? And on the left there, that's me. We were in the Ardennes and Lawna and I thought it would be HILARIOUS if we switched sweaters. Is that what we were laughing about, Christine? Or was it something else? Do YOU remember?


  1. That is so cute...who did the sketch? And was it the weekend in the Ardennes? Aw...good times!

  2. SMALT messaged me the other day saying that he was just thinking about me at the Ardennes weekend. He put it so funny that I'll never do it justice, but it was basically..."I remembered waking up to a flurry of activity (and hangover) as you were running through the boy's quarters followed by a flock of girls. All I remember you saying was something about HOT WATER as you escaped into the boys showers....hmph..."

    I vaguely remember that....great times. Can't wait to create more memories in Paris.