Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This past week has marked quite a change in my training schedule. In agreeing to become the track coach at the school where I teach, I have effectively taken away the very established training time that I have worked so hard to maintain for the past 6 months. I know, I know, I know - the timing is far from perfect, but allow me to regain my place on the soapbox for a moment. In deciding to run this marathon, I was hoping to be a role model for some of my students. I suppose, in a round-about way, that would mean that if the school wanted me to coach track, I should at least consider it, right? Yup - so the moment that I agreed to do it, I think I regretted it (for purely selfish reasons). So, instead of closing up shop and heading to the fitness room with my workout partner, I am now boarding a bus with a handful of highschoolers and heading for the track. (whistle in one hand, stopwatch in the other.) Now, I can already tell that I am going to love it - really love it. I am already enjoying the chance to get to know the students, but I WANT MY RUNNING SCHEDULE BACK! Here are my possible solutions: (1) awake at 4:30 to hit the treadmill for my miles, (2) skip lunch and hit the treadmill for my miles, (3) stay up later than usually (8pm) to hit the treadmill for my miles. UGH!!! I'm trying option 1, but I can't stick to plan. I have been successful with option 2, but really miss my stuffed crust pizza and fiestada from the cafeteria (okay, maybe I don't), and I haven't considered option 3 yet because I have successfully fallen asleep by 7:30 for the past three nights (gosh, you'd think that option 1 should be easier considering the fact that I can't stay awake - hmmm.) Thankfully, Saturday practices are not looking to become a reality any time soon and I can continue to run the long ones on Saturday.

Tonight, I had to rush home to register my eldest for Kindergarten while hubby was at class. Tomorrow, I have to run to a Rotary Meeting to give the details about our training and efforts to raise money for their Polio Plus Foundaiton. Friday, I am planning to rush to the sectional basketball game where our girls will hopefully bring home the title! (Go Lady Lancers! I believe in magic and so should you!) Saturday, I'll find relaxation in my long run (14 miles - easy!)

AND - just so you know, I am using you all (and today's post) as a starting point for what will become my contribution to our friend Ms. Running Fool's blog, as she has asked me to be a guest contributor next week (TOPIC? TIME MANAGEMENT, of course) I have already joked with her that I blog from the bathroom and will write my column for her blog while ice-bathing following my long run on Saturday. SOOOOO - that will be something to watch for.

(alright - I have to go work on my Rotary presentation) Please keep reading cause I'm finding a way to keep running - it's the least you can do!


  1. They still have fiestadas in the cafeteria? I remember those as being greasy and delicious... but running is MUCH MUCH more satisfying...;)
    Congratulations on track! so cool! You are my role model!

  2. (I really love the fake mashed potatoes and turkey with gravy...but that's between you and me)

  3. Does chocolate milk still cost a dime?