Friday, March 20, 2009

What's on the Hibatchi for the weekend?

I got word from Laura that it's going to be a GREAT DAY, and I agree...

Tonight I am going to stay home and rest my cold and load up on leafy green vegetables. I had a nice short taper run this morning, so that's that!

Tomorrow I am going to take a day off of running, do some work, and have pizza with some friends tomorrow night (what's your favorite kind of pizza? I think I'll have a 4 formaggi!).

Then Sunday morning I will run the Sezana half marathon at a very slow pace, enjoy myself like crazy (please don't rain!) and thank the Goddess Atalanta for blessing me with her golden apples and bringing me this far in our training regimen, and then I will go out for lunch with Barbara and Marzio in Slovenia and PIG OUT!

That's about it. I'm pretty excited about the weekend. It got cold here again, but the sun is out and that's hard to ignore!

What's on your Hibatchis?


  1. Good luck with your Halfie on Sunday :-) I just signed up for a 15K race on Sunday and will also enjoy myself to the max with the masses. I'm tired of running alone so this race is necessary.

    Tapering is making me impatient. I'm ready to bang out this marathon already! come on come on come on....

  2. Thanks, Miss Fool! I'll send you the good taper run vibes on Sunday!! xoxo