Thursday, March 19, 2009

Worked like a charm

The ankle rotations were the magic bullet for last night's run with the hound and Sweetie. Just thought I would let you know...

By the way, when I do those rotations (50 clockwise, 50 counterclockwise, remember?) under my desk I feel like that video they show on long flights about how to exercise in your tiny seat (with that big guy in front of you fully reclined and practically in your lap). But it works, so I'll keep it up.

This is week one of TAPERING (a word that sounds like MUSIC after all these weeks...) before the big day. I signed up for a half marathon on Sunday in Slovenia (I couldn't resist. It's the one I told you about eons ago that serves you JOTA at the end, and gives you wine and sausage in the swag bag!). My plan is to take it slow and treat it as a long run. I did the same thing last year, as I was preparing for another half marathon a couple of weeks later. The route of this half marathon goes from Slovenia to Italy and back, a lot of it is terrain I covered during my first 20-miler with Marko, so it's familiar territory. I can't wait!


  1. You are a glutton for punishment. :)

    Is this the half marathon I am running with you next year?

  2. Half-marathon sounds so simple, now, doesn't it? Hell, I just about ran that tonight! I like that distance, and think I will go sign up for the one that Russ, a fellow follower, is doing later this I go.

  3. B.H. You can run this one with me or the one in Trieste at the beginning of May. Just depends on when tickets are cheaper... :)

  4. I'm holding off on judgement about which I like better, as I haven't done the BIG ONE yet, but I do like the half distance, I must say. Then again, doing a 20-miler is amazing in it's own way, so who knows about the full marathon...Preparing for the half leaves you some semblance of a life, though, that's a plus!