Saturday, April 18, 2009

Could You Please Pass me a Kleenex???

I know, I know, I know - WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN???? Well, the obvious answer is that I have been in Europe until late Wednesday night. But, I assure you, that is no excuse - and for that, our faithful followers, I am very sorry.

The truth of the matter is that I haven't felt like doing much of anything. I have barely moved from the couch - I just don't feel like it. I can say that it is jet-lag, that I deserve to be lazy, etc.... but the downright truth of the matter is that I am suffering from horrible post-marathon depression (complicated by post-amazing-visit-to-Belgium depression, too!) Now, for those of you who are not marathoners, let me tell you this: this is not a figment of my imagination. It is a real illness, that I have self-diagnosed, of course. Fellow blogger, Ms. Fool, has gone on an on-line shopping spree to help rid herself of her blues. Kari has decided to set a new marathon goal for a few weeks (I think she is already at her taper). And ME???? Well, I am nearly talked into running the Buffalo Marathon at the end of May.

Now, another marathon so quick? I can only compare this feeling to one thing that I have experience in - childbirth. Other mothers tell you that the pain felt during childbirth is quickly forgotten, leaving new mothers ready for more children. Well, my followers, I remember telling people how hard the last 5 kilometers were in Paris, but as I sit here writing, I am telling you that I have forgotten the pain. I only remember the euphoria of crossing the finish line and the elation that we felt as we found all of our friends and loved ones along the marathon route and at the finish line.

So, I am left with one question: Is it possible that the best cure for my post-marathon blues is to set a new challenge (in the form of a marathon?) I just don't know. Another blogger, Minken, told me that once the marathon cherry is popped, it will be impossible to be satisfied with the half marathons. He said, and he's probably right, that ending at the half marathon and watching much of the field continue to finish the full marathon (and gaining bragging rights and marathon bling) will make me only say to myself "I could have done the whole marathon - I want that medal, too!" I think I may have posted this comment before, but I will say it again, he has rarely been wrong in his advice to Kari and I - I am nearly certain that he will be right on this one, too.

So, as I just finished my first 6 mile run since Paris (average pace of 8:30 - speedy) I am already feeling the depression fade away as I point my running shoes toward my next, but undetermined, challenge.

On another note: I think that Kari and I are going to decide to train for and run destination marathons every-other year. I am going to bet that both of us will continue to run marathons (or begin some adventure racing/trail racing) but there is no way that we will wait more than 2 years to run our next marathon together - (certainly not another 18 years!!!)

So, on that note, help us set the goal for our next destination marathon in 2011!!! BRING IT ON!!!


  1. Suggestion for 2011: Athens.
    We owe it to Atalanta for she has been good to us.

    Hang in there, sista!

  2. Going for another marathon sounds like the sensible thing to do. I look forward to reading about your decision ;-)