Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DAY 1 - visit to Paris

Kari and I both arrived in Paris on Thursday. My flight to Europe was absolutely uneventful. I wished that I had slept more, I even took some Tylenol PM to help me, but it seemed that my anticipation of the marathon was going to keep me awake. I dragged my two suitcases all the way to the hotel, sweating my as* off doing so, but the hotel made it all better! BONSTER - the hotel was the absolute KEY to a successful marathon. The executive level and the perks of an executive lounge - free food around the clock - benefitted many of us through the entire weekend. I quickly checked in, then decided that I needed to fight the urge to sleep, so I walked downtown for a quick stroll and then back to the hotel to meet up with fellow marathoner (I love being able to say that), Minken. He is the one who has offered advice to Kari and I (sometimes we asked for, sometimes we didn´t) but he is someone who I am now happy to say that I`ve met TWICE. We walked three tours around the park that is situated next to his house, and also next to my hotel. He offered last minute advice - don´t start too fast - and then we each headed off our separate ways.

NEXT UP: What it looks/feels/sounds like when former exchange students who haven´t seen eachother for 18 years meet up at a Parisian bar...

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