Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Laura is on her way home

Boo Hoo. I already miss her! Even if I haven't seen her since we left Paris, it's been nice having her on this side of the pond. We texted each other and skyped and were awake at the same time...



  1. Sorry Kari, but you had enough of her. We want her back!
    *the imaginary war for Laura ensues*

  2. Wow - let's not fight, ma femmes, there is plenty of me to go around!!! I am home and am saving up my blogging energy for the morning, when the kids are off to daycare and I can put my feet up for a bit...gosh, I might even squeeze in a run (first since the big day!)

  3. I see you are home. You got in earlier than I thought last night. Glad to have you back this side of the pond and call me on my cell today and we can catch up. Missed you!!!