Thursday, April 9, 2009

Race Day!

I am wearing my Jell-O shirt from LeRoy, New York!

Not us, but that's okay. Our numbers had our first names on the front of them so that people who didn't even know us could cheer us on! Allez, Les Filles! Allez Karoline, Allez Laura! It was awesome!

They gave us these neat ponchos to keep us warm after the race. Then we had to walk back to the hotel, which was not fun, especially going up and down curbs! OUCH!!! Ice baths followed and a Loooooong Nap followed by much partying (sitting down).
This was the best day ever!
**Laura, here. I might add that while you don't usually equate Paris with ponchos, these little beauties worked wonders and kept us toasty warm for our very painful walk back to the schwanky hotel Hilton - I saved my poncho and is currently lost somewhere between Paris and Rochester**

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