Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trail Number One Part I

We had a four-day weekend so Sweetie and I decided to spend as much of it outdoors as we could. Here's what we did on Sunday. Our hike started in Prosecco. It was about an 8k walk to Santa Croce and back on Trail number 1, which goes along the Adriatic coast.

Here's the sign that told us we were on track. We only got lost once.

We saw two horses.

It was a really nice and pleasant walk. Sometimes rocky, sometimes woodsy.


  1. Hi! I was thinking, if I find energy&time, to post some paths here around Trieste on my blog, along with some aerial view. Monday I did 50km er... 30 miles with the new bike, discovered new paths. Would be nice to share.

  2. Good idea! You got your new bike already?! Great!