Monday, July 13, 2009

Here's A Great Story, needed to share....

I opened my facebook page yesterday and found this posted from a good friend of mine, KEB. I got a chuckle, and I think you may, too, if you have followed our blog for a while.

"File this under- Random conversations with Strangers:

Took the kids to Strong Museum of Play yesterday and Jack was playing with another little kid in a contained area. Mom to my right says "this is a great place , eh?" I respond in positive. On her pullover there is a name I recognize- Atalanta. I say "oh you are a runner!" She said- "yes I did you know?" I tell her the name she has on her jacket is the Goddess of Running. This is something she did not know. I tell her I have a friend who is quite the runner and a plethora of information. She tells me it was just a great top for mid weather running (it is a brand apparently). It has now become her favorite top with this new information. She thought her constant rubbing of her foot was my give away. "My toe is turning black I am about to lose my nail...Oh I'm sorry Is that gross??" I laugh and reply "Nope, it is a conversation I am quite familiar with!"

I had to share that with you all....ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY ATALANTA, she works in mysterious ways.

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  1. Wow I didn't know that about Atalanta - I just checked out the clothing too...nice running skirts :)