Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bring on Marathon #3, and #4

Well, I posted my post-marathon report and thought it was pretty good, but it turns out no one is reading it, or commenting (which leads me to check and re-check that it actually posted okay - which it did.) It was 26.2 frigging miles, folks! I ran it with some of the coolest people in the Greater Rochester Area (and California!)

OK, rant over - response to THREE mentions of me running in Europe with Michael, Kari and Ms. Fool. NOT GONNA DO IT!!! Peer pressure and guilt will not change the fact that my school schedule will not allow me to run Trieste Marathon on May 2nd followed by Prague a week later. I will dispell any rumors of such - NOT GOING TO DO IT, simply can't make it happen.


  1. hey - pressure's off from would just be totally cool! AND love the race report. nice idea to contrast the two marathons. loved every word, my friend. btw...i got bummed when only 7 people commented on my blog...after so many people bugged me about posting it. i think lots more people read than take the time to comment. i'm just sayin'.

  2. Oh really? We'll see missy...We'll see!