Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Neither Rain nor Snow nor Sleet nor Hail Shall keep me from my running (for CHOCOLATE!)

It is no secret - I love chocolate. I love it more than just about anything on the planet. I love it a heck of a lot more than running - (truth.) I've grown to love running (love the friends, love the feeling of being done, love the fact that I can do it....etc...) but I just plain love chocolate.  My friend, Selby, sent me an urgent message via Facebook this afternoon. By URGENT, I mean:
Hey, my son just got home from Belgium and he has a package for you.
That could only mean one thing!!!! CHOCOLATE.  I responded, QUICKLY

I'm just about out the door for a run in your direction. Should I bring a backpack?
(please say yes, please say yes)

Just large pockets - come on over
Out I went in this:

I told you - nothing keeps me away from my chocolate. I ran all the way there, chatted about Belgium for about 15 minutes, put my Cote d'or Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts in my pockets and ran home. I think I deserve a piece or two...... mmmmmm.

God, I really wanted to blog about my plans with my uncle (next on my list of plans for 2010...) more on that next - where did I put that chocolate???

Get out there and run, folks. ENJOY!

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  1. Great reason to run! THe wind will make you stronger! (at least that's what I tell myself) too funny!