Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time to Motivate - bring on 2010 - JUST SAY YES style!

I hit the road today for an almost 10 mile run. I finally felt great. I distracted myself from my cramping hamstrings by thinking about ways to motivate myself to run a bit more than I am right now. I thought back to the days when I ran because Kari was running and I knew that we were about to run Paris Marathon together. I had to train because I wasn't going to let her leave me in the dust. So, as I ran through my aching ass (cause it was really aching) I began formulating a plan for 2010.  (if for no other reason that to drop the unmentioned amount of lbs that I have gained since April. eh hem...)

I have been in front of the computer screen for the better part of three hours coming up with a 'wish list' for the next year. I want to share with you some of my thoughts.
1 - I want to run as many half marathons as I can. I love the distance, I respect the distance, I'm not scared of the distance, and I am motivated to stay in 'half-marathon-shape' for the year 2010.

2 - I want to run every event/race with someone - I don't ever want to run a distance over 10 miles without a friend to talk to and laugh with .... motivation goes a long way. Running can be a lonely sport (and that isn't always a bad thing) but I want it to be a fun sport for 2010.  I want to make memories with some of my running community friends - we are a fun bunch of people.

To these ends, I have begun to formulate a plan (this is not an ABSOLUTE plan, this is just a starting point.) BUT, the deal is this: if anyone decides to run any of these events with me, the plan will start to take shape.  SO - take a look at the list below and let me know if anyone is ready to register - I'm with you.

  • 1st - Albany, NY - Hangover Half Marathon
  • 6th & 20th - Snow Cheap Trail Running Events - Cobbs Hill Park, Rochester, NY
    (hard to find many races in February-March in Upstate New York, but here is what I am going to do)
  • 3rd - Snow Cheap Trail Running Events - Cobbs Hill Park, Rochester, NY
  • 13th - Lake Placid Half Marathon - Lake Placid, NY
  • 19th - (tentative date) Niagara-on-the-Lake Half Marathon - Ontario, Canada
  • 11th - Boilermaker 15k - Utica, NY *I won't be able to run it this year, but YOU SHOULD!!)
Alright, this is where I stop - I have lost the focus to look to November of next year.  I think that the majority of these are doable as far as cost and running distance. I know I am missing some fun events like the St. Patty's Day races and the Turkey Trots, and the Pumpkins in the Parks, but those will not be missed - I'll run those, too.

Come on, folks. Let's hear what you have to say - WHO'S GOING TO JOIN ME???


  1. I'm about to relinquish my title as the Running Fool because you my friend have upped the ante.

    That said, Philly Distance Run is already penciled in. I have no idea where Glassboro NJ is (sounds far) but that race sounds interesting. Finally, you NEED to make Chicago happen. Please, please, pretty please :(

  2. Nice list of races. I'm sure I could join you on a few. Here in Lima will be signing up for the run the ROC 1/2. I want the training shirt! Also toying with the idea of the Wine Glass marathon. There is also the 50 miler around Canandagua lake. So many races to choose from. I gues I better form a plan myself.

  3. that's an amazing list...the wine glass thingie sounds great to me but i think my travel budget will be spent by then. and...WTF??? did i see limaruss just mentioned a 50 miler??? (rubs eyes in disbelief and awe).

  4. LimaRuss's plans for the 50 miler involve a relay team (Judi, Russ, Myself, Melissa, and anyone else who wants to join) around one of the jewels of Western New York - Canandaigua Lake. It is gorgeous.

  5. AHhh - that Lake Placid half marathon sounds like a BLAST!! I'm thinking about doing the Niagra Falls Half with you!! then my family can finally come see me run... If you CAN convince me - I will think about doing the Wine Glass full marathon - but I've never done a marathon and am scared for my life!