Saturday, December 18, 2010

I love those jeans

A few days ago, I squeezed into my favorite pair of jeans. I call them my skinny jeans. Well, not that I'm skinny now, but I was when I wore them the day after I finished my first marathon. When I say that I squeezed into them, I mean that literally. I can wear them but I must do so with a baggy top (better cover up the squeezed-up love handles.) anyway...

I spoke with Kari last week. We both pledged to start back at our running TODAY!!!!

I DID! for the first time since June, I tied up my running shoes and headed out for a good old fashioned run. I had no garmin, no iPod, ... Just me and my headlamp. I felt unusually strong and the Achilles felt non-existent. NICE!!! (2 miles and felt great!)

Thoughts? I thought about all of my running friends: Russ and Judi (running the Disney Marathon in two weeks); Mary Karen (getting back on the P90x wagon tomorrow); Al, Ms. Fool, Jenn (all nursing injuries); Michael (getting back into the VFFs after some time away); Minken (expecting the 2nd baby soon ...that will keep him running); my husband (an obsessed runner now...OMG!) and all the rest of you out there in running-land.

Now, lets all see when Kari gets out there. feels good to be here again.

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  1. What? Hubby is a runner now? The pied piper struck again ;) Me must meet for a race in the near future. MUST!