Thursday, September 25, 2008

How did we decide to do this?

In order to kick off this blog the right way, one needs to be sitting next to a big old bottle of Belgian beer (or at least imagine that you are.) SO, we need to rewind to about June 1990 when many of those reading this blog were just preparing for an experience of a lifetime. Kari and I had set the pendulum in motion for a year as Rotary Exchange Students in Belgium. Now, the two of us consider ourselves to be the very luckiest of exchange students, as WE were placed in and around the very friendly city of Liege, Belgium. I don't remember the first time that I met Kari Steckley, but my photos show that we were travelling the same circles very early, perhaps September or early October. Our year went fast, and our experiences were turned into memories - great memories. Both of us returned to the states at the end of the summer of 1991 and basically lost touch with eachother.

A few short months ago, Kari and I reconnected on Facebook, as so many of us have. Now, many of the facebook naysayers say to me "why do you feel the need to live in the past and relive those stories agai and again?" Very quickly, Kari and I moved away from reliving the past to discussing the present and even speculating on the future. I went on to explain to her that the past two years, for me, have been one of drastic transformation. I decided to take control my growing waistline and started losing weight and excercising. Now, my total weight loss is closing in on 80lbs. As Kari and I began sharing our stories about our decisions to live healthier lives and our shared enjoyment of running, our focus shifted to running a marathon together. It just so happens that the Paris marathon falls during my spring break, making it a perfect opportunity to accomplish two goals. (1) reconnect with former exchange student friends who are in Europe and (2) realize a goal that I have had for several months now - participate and hopefully finish a marathon.

So, we have decided that it SHALL be done.....and I say that with only a small amount of discomfort and apprehension. It scares the shit out of me that I have begun the training schedule for an April marathon. I can't believe that I will be training through western New York winters....BUT, the fact that I am not doing this alone makes it exciting. HOWEVER, it should be noted that my marathon partner currently lives in Italy, a small inconvenience.
Which brings us to this blog....we hope you stick with us as we blog our road to Paris. (and we learn how to use this blog stuff)

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