Thursday, September 25, 2008

First week on my road....

So, like I said before, my training partner lives in Italy (kinda cool.) Needless to say, Kari and I have been in near constant e-mail contact. Partially trying to psyche eachother up for the long training and partially to remind eathother that yes, this was our idea. In all honesty, I was over the moon about the idea of running a half-marathon in Paris. The idea of running roughly 14 miles was obtainable. When it was revealed that there wouldn't be a half marathon offered at the same time as the full marathon - - yikes. So just plan the trip around the scheduled half-marathon. My school vacation is at the perfect time for the regular marathon. I can't take the time off from school otherwise.

OK, so the conversation went something like "Laura, let's put our heads together and come up with a solution" To which I responded "How about if we run the 5k breakfast run and enjoy Europe together for a week or two?" OR "Let's sign up for the marathon and only run HALF of it." To which Kari said "OR, we could sign up for the marathon and run the whole thing....train train train." No need to tell anyone how scared the idea of a full marathon made me feel. TWENTY-SIX MILES (and change.) Now that my mind is wrapped around the idea, I am excited about the challenge.

I have slowly begun to share this idea with my friends, family, and students. It becomes more and more real with each person that I tell.

So, tomorrow I will welcome a rest day, although I must say that I'm tempted to run another short distance. Every mile I run is one step closer to April 6th -

Keep reading and I'll keep running.

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