Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Beginning

I know this is going to sound weird to the rest of you, but I feel so terribly accomplished because I took my first run today. Actually, I caught a glimpse of myself in a large window as I was running past, and think that it looked like a sort of meander slightly sped up on film. I didn't care, though, because I WAS DOING IT. Again, don't laugh, but a friend suggested I start with just a 15 minute run, so that I would feel a sense of accomplishment when I finished. She was right. Now, I will just add in 5-minute increments until I hit 30, then stay there for a while.

Anyway, I know it was small, but I did definitely feel more awake afterwards, and alert as my mind had been cleared.


  1. Josh...are YOU running the Paris Marathon?

    Think of me fondly in six hours...I begin my regimen of sprints to increase my speed and improve my soccer game!

  2. Ahhhh the inspiration that is occuring. We aim to inspire, here at Road to Paris. If only by dangling a puff pastry or the promise of a good espresso with lemon peel...the point is, get out and do something. Now, Sue, spinting has no place in my life but more power to you. Run fast, you ball chasing maniac...run fast.

  3. Josh that is a FANTASTIC effort - to all of you really, but making the choice and going out there for your 1st run is something to be proud of! Well done!