Monday, October 6, 2008

It's all coming together

I haven't heard from my training partner in nearly three days. I can only imagine that she fell off her new pair of stilletos that she bought while in Milan and can't find the help button. In all seriousness, if Kari's life is half as busy as mine, it is a miracle that she can even find time to breathe, let alone train for this marathon.

I had my first 'not so good' run on Saturday. It was kind of bizarre, considering it was only 3.5 miles. I decided to run around 11am. I knew the minute my pink saucony hit the pavement that it was going to be a challenge. I was rocking to my typical tunes, but my legs just didn't feel it. As I trudged through the workout, I was preoccupied with thoughts like how I was going to deal with jet lag and a marathon, what it would feel like when I hit 20 miles, what road races I could register for between now and the snow season..... Before I knew it, my legs had carried me safely back to Robbins Road. As I looked at the watch, I was shocked to see that I had, in fact, run a fairly fast time. Shocked as I was, I went inside and said, I shall never again run at 11am. I don't know what makes 6am or 9pm better, but my legs are begging me to never do it again.

Sunday was a nice hour-long walk with my good friend Heather. We had a great chat about her new house and the upcoming football game between our rival alma maters - GO RAIDERS. I now know that HOT HAL is right when he writes about the great thinking and conversation that takes place during the daily workouts. I can solve the world problems and catch up with friends, and train for a marathon all at the same time. Can anyone else say that? I had the day off today, but decided to lift some weights - nothing extra staining.

So, that's all I have for tonight. I hope to start getting some photos up here - probably of me sweating, or something.

PS - I have a lunch meeting with the Rotary District Governor on Monday. It looks like we are going to put together a plan to promote our Polio Plus fundraising on the district level. Keep reading for more info about that.

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  1. I'm here, my dear running partner. I'm working long hours and off line. Monday should be back to normal. I am running in the mornings because I'm working late. And it's not always easy...
    I feel your pain about your Saturday run... More to come!