Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can you say BUSY?

This week has been busy busy busy. By Sunday night, I will have run a total of 17 miles, gone out to eat three times, attended two concerts, visited one Haunted House, taken the kids to a birthday party, worked out five times, run a Breast Cancer 5k, watched a football game, watched a soccer game, taught about the Civil War, explained the pros and cons of foreign oil vs. nuclear energy, given twelve baths, (and I'm sure I'm missing something.) In between all of that, I have been finalizing the last minute details about our fundraising campaign for Polio Plus. I promise I am going to call on all of you to help me meet a $20,000 goal - - - more to come later.

On the Paris trip homefront, my husband has decided that it is in his best interest to come to Paris - if nothing else, to watch me drag my ass across the finish line. I am psyched that he has decided to cross the Atlantic for his first time. I can't wait to have him there. I also am so psyched that so many friends are actually considering making the trip, too. My friend RJ just said that he's coming with us - I can't wait. I believe we have another exchange student joining us for the run - have to confirm before I name drop.

We have started looking at flight information and hotel details. It is all coming together. Seems so real when we are actually booking things.

Alright, that is all you get for now. I forgot to add to my list of things accomplished - SLEEP. Must go.

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  1. Your week makes my week look like NOTHING.

    Good for you on the recruitment front! I can't believe how you're getting everyone stirred up.