Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hello - I'm parking the car

So, I was on my way to a concert last night when my cell phone rang. The id said New York. I wasn't sure who it might be, but I decided to answer the call. "Hello?" Who is this?" The person at the other end of the call said "Laura?" - - - "Yes, yes, yes, it's me, Laura. " - - - "Laura, it's Kari" Now, about this time I'm thinking, gee I don't know a Kari in New York. That's strange???? Then it occured to me my training partner from ITALY _ KARI!!! "OK - KARI? What are doing calling me?" I went on to explain to her that I was in a car full of people, two of whom were on other phone calls, the rest of whom had no idea where we were. I was the only one who knew how to get to the location of our concert. IT WAS HECTIC at that particular moment. I felt awful, I couldn't prioritize between parking the car, telling everyone else to shut up so I could take a call from Italy, or tell Kari that I couldn't talk right now. I tried doing all three to no avail. So, I hung up, found a quiet place and waited for her to call me back. I gave my concert-going companions directions to the locale and waited waited waited. When the phone rang the second time, I was prepared to chat with my long lost friend Kari. The connection was awful, but it was great to hear her voice. Voice to voice, it is very clear that we are going to have a blast in Paris. It was hard to get a word in edge-wise as we were both trying to bring each other up to speed on our current goings-on. The high point of the conversation was certainly her telling me about her chili and deviled egg dinner party that she just hosted at her house. Now, that is fantastic. Who doesn't like deviled eggs? It left me wondering how many Italians feast on deviled eggs from time to time. Curious, is that an American delicacy?

In any case, Kari's phone call was the highlight of my evening. Yes, I went to see Sugarland - a band that I don't claim to know much about. Having seen them last night, I will probably buy their cd and add some of their songs to my workout mix. (they were very good) They put on a great show, but their opening act - Kari Steckley - was the highlight of my night. I recommend that everyone who follows this blog try their best to come watch her in Paris on April 5th - I'll be there for sure!!! (hahahaha)

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