Thursday, October 2, 2008

Congratulations, you are number 33784.

Being the team that we are, I also registered to run the marathon. Here is what mine said:

Félicitations ! ---

Vous êtes inscrit(e) à la 33ème édition du Marathon de Paris qui aura lieu le dimanche 5 avril 2009.

Inscription pour:Nom : WILLIAMS
Prénom : Laura
Montant : 63.00 Euros
Numéro de dossard : 33784

I, too, opted for the cancellation insurance - I'm not counting on my legs falling off, but the way things go, anything is possible.

And, Karoline, I might add that some of our best words today were lost on our followers - as our e-mails were hysterical. I think there are some dietary recommendations that we must share with our friends. Just an idea for our next post. Until then, because there is so much to write that everyone will find funny and interesting, please enjoy with us our pride in our registration today.

Coming up next time: who did get numbers 1-10?; what ballon will we be following?; why do people work out at 6am?; is a 6000 calorie diet too much?; and job description for my personal assistant.

Please forward any topics that you would like us to write about.

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