Thursday, October 2, 2008

Start your day with CAKE!

Two good things have happened since I came to Milan yesterday (I am actually in Vimodrone, which is on the outskirts of town). One is that I found out that my friends Francesca and Giuseppe live really close to my office--a five-minute walk, which is unheard of in Milan-- close enough to arrive at work with my hair still wet after my 25-minute run this morning on a beautiful bike path alongside a little river, and a shower. The second thing is that today is Francesca’s 45th birthday, and her birthday party was THIS MORNING AT 7:15 A.M.
And, you know what that means... CAKE! First thing in the morning! Now THAT is what I’m talking about!
Did I mention that it was PEAR flavored? I had two big pieces. Then I went for my run. Today is the best day!

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