Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If I am going to do this, I must do it right....

Kari is in Milan. That sounds so glam - "yeah, I trained for the Paris Marathon in Milan this week." Doesn't sound as glam as "yeah, I trained for the Paris Marathon in LeRoy, the home of Jell-O." At least I don't hum 'watch it jiggle' as I run my four miles - no comments from the peanut gallery.

I finally spoke to a person at Rotary International to find out all the little details about how to collect money for an international charity. I won't bore you with all the small nuiances, but I will say that it will be a challenge, but certainly do-able. Kari, I am thinking of hiring a personal assistant to manage my life in order to continue with our efforts to run a marathon and raise money for this AWESOME ORGANIZATION (product placement) I've made contact with several clubs and officers from my home district. I am working on getting some contacts for Belgium - gotta keep up with Karoline's Italian efforts.

As I ran this evening in the rain - see former post about blown fuse - I was happy that my chest cold was clearing. I felt much better running. It made me thankful that my coughs are becoming productive. BUT, It made me come to the realization that if I am going to become this "professional runner" I am going to have to learn how to hack a loogie. All of my attempts to clear my throat resulted in it landing either down my sweatshirt, on my chin, or on my sneaker. I must master this skill before April - damn, another thing to work on. I dare say that my training partner will not appreciate this lack of precision on our jaunt through Paris. Any suggestions?

That's all I have for today. I have a 5am workout wakeup call.


  1. Laura, if we get there early I can give you a quick lesson!

  2. Dude, I'll airmail my 14-year-old to you! He can hock a loogie with the best...and taught me, so I don't drown in my chest colds during the fall soccer season. :)

  3. and now we get to the realy important stuff.

    1 - I hope to have this mastered long before Paris but I will look to you for refineing my skills in Paris

    2 - Sue is understanding what I mean. There has to be something satisfying about clearing a good loogie.

    3 - look it up. Jell-O is from LeRoy, baby. (care package reminder to self)