Saturday, November 8, 2008

And I Ran, I Ran so Far Away....

I am awake at 6:00am, more out of habit than anything else. Justin is heading of to class this morning, the kids are quietly tucked into beds at Grandma's house, and I am blogging. I am supposed to be getting MY mojo going. I am on the near-side of running weekend. Last week was my first competitive 5k, today is my first competitive 10k. I am anxious but excited. I am starting to feel some soreness in my achilles every morning, which naturally worries me. I have learned some new stretching techniques, I hope to see some improvement. I can't help but question what impact the new terrain and the drizzle this morning will have on my psyche.

After the race, I am jumping in the car to meet with my in-laws to finalize travel arrangements for Europe in April. This week has been a bombardment of e-mails from host families from Belgium. It seems that they may be fighting over where I will be staying when I return for the week following the marathon - it's good to be loved, right? I am very excited at the prospect of spending Easter with them. It will be wonderful to see everyone. In acutality, the mere thought of Easter in Belgium may be the carrot that dangles in front of my face every day as I drag my sometimes sorry arse out of bed, strap on the running shoes, and run run run.

So, I will keep you updated on how the weekend turns out. Until them I will continue to run run run - you be sure to read read read. KARI - how's the tunnel? Did you run through it? HAS ANYONE SEEN MAEGON BLOGGING YET??????

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