Thursday, November 6, 2008

Still Running, Baby!

Just because I'm not always blogging doesn't mean I'm not running. Because I am. I ran this morning with Luna and Cristian (supportive husband. We did the short cemetary route). I ran yesterday morning (long cemetary route), Monday afternoon (long cemetary route). And the big news is that on Saturday I re-ran that long run I did a couple of weeks ago and improved my time by about 25 minutes, which made my heart happy!

I feel great and have gotten my running mo-jo back! I have also developed a healthy addiction to tracking my routes on the runners world website, changing them from kilometers to miles, and using the pace calculator on the same site to see how fast I'm going. Isn't technology great?!

Another piece of great news is that Maegon, who was in Belgium with us, has also signed up to run the marathon with us. She did the Chicago Marathon a few weeks ago, so she's our idol at this point. Hopefully this means we can raise some serious money for PolioPlus (as an extra bonus).

I can't wait until she starts blogging words of wisdom to help us get through the next few months.

Next week the new tunnel opens in Trieste. They've been working on it since I moved here five years ago, and wouldn't you know it, the inauguration is a race! I'm going to run it. It's only 5.7 kilometers and I think it will be fun. I'll bring my camera.

Even when there's nothing to read, we're still running. Promise.

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  1. Heck, I'm running my hind end off this weekend. I'll be lucky if I get to add a post to this blog before Monday. Let's hope there are still treads on the bottom of my sneakers by the end of the weekend - - hahaha. It should be fun. I'll let you know how I do.