Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doctor, Doctor, and more Doctor

I am a bit overwhelmed by the day that I am facing tomorrow. Last week, I began the process of obtaining permission from my doctor to run the marathon. Due to my family history of high blood pressure, heart disease, and high cholesterol, the doctor is asking that I take a stress test. I also need to have some blood work done in order to measure my lipids, good cholesterols, etc.... So, all of this will take place tomorrow. I have begun my fasting-hope I can keep away from the food until 7:30am. Blood work first - then it's off to my stress test with the cardiologist. I am actually excited about the whole process (of course, I'm assuming that if my heart held up for last week's 10k, I should survive a treadmill-induced rapid heart rate.) I have visions of Lance Armstrong in the wind tunnel, trying out various versions of spandex wind-suits, with every imaginable wire attached to nearly every part of his body - on his road to the Tour de France Victory. Again, I am assuming that I will get the go-ahead. I'll have to keep you posted. Finally, I will be heading to the physical therapist to have them take a peek at my heel. Being so close to the start of my 'countdown' training, I want to make sure that the achilles is on the road to recovery. I have been itching to get back to running, but on the other hand, my legs are thanking me for this small rest from training. I haven't worked out since Saturday. Hopefully I will get back to in on Saturday. I am going to be playing in the yearly dodgeball tournament on Friday - CROSSTRAINING??? I think so.


  1. Ugh...stress test! I hope you do well!

    I had my cholesterol checked out when I turned 30...guess I better do it again this July (when I turn 35).

    Hope the heel gets a clean bill of health...I know with soccer, a good many of us have developed heel spurs or deep bone bruises. We are big fans of the orthopedic gel pads, and religious fanatics about icing.

  2. Blood work - good

    Stress test/clicker - good (funny story about that one, later)

    On my way to physical therapy - I'll keep in mind the orthopedic gel pads and I, too, am a fan of the pain/euphoria experienced while icing.

    Will keep you posted.

  3. Well, the icing is better than Ben Gay. :)

    Although I tried that, too, when the deep bone bruise injury dragged on for so long that I was half out of my mind and annoyed at the same time.