Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dodgeball worked for us, too

I will write more on this later, but here's the cliffnotes version.

Our school holds a dodgeball tournament every year. The teams pay to participate and they choose a charity of their choice to donate the proceeds to, should their team win. This year, I was on the faculty team - our feeble attempts to win the whole tournament were thwarted by refs, who clearly didn't want us to win - umph. (it wouldn't have looked right if we HAD won, it's all good.)

Here's the great news: In the past two years, this tournament has raised over $2400.00 for charities. This year, the winning team played for Polio Plus!!! I don't think the winning team was nearly as excited as me when they won. MY FIRST DONATION! I don't know how much they won, but it is certainly good news. Particularly when the Rotary District here in New York will match it, and then it will be matched by the Gates Foundations. It kind of triples the donation, if you understand me correctly.

I will post photos of the tournament and the winning team. I am elated!

Off to a fundraiser at Belhurst Castle for the Rotary Foundation in District 7120 (I have high hopes for this weekend.)

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  1. Actually, I think that a donation to our Marathon for PolioPlus ends up being multiplied by 4!!! OK, a $20 donation gets matched by district 7120 to equal $40. That $40 ends up being matched by the Gates Foundation to equal $80. SOOOOOO $20 = $80. You do the math! It makes sense to donate right away, right?