Monday, November 17, 2008

The Tunnel Run was Fun!

I ran the tunnel yesterday with my husband, Cristian, and it was fun. We were speed demons, smoke coming from our heels and everything! But they didn’t have a clock and we didn’t look at our watches, so who knows how long it took us. There were lots of people and it was a strange thing to run in a tunnel that in two days will be opened with the help of the Prime Minister. The line for hot tea and cookies was short. The JOTA line, on the other hand, was full of people who didn’t run the race but came because the magic words “FREE JOTA” were published in the newspaper. We didn’t get any but it was a really fun, no pressure, short race and I loved running it with Cristian.

I did a tough run the day before in 1:42:02, which was a personal record for my favorite run in Trieste (5 minutes faster than the last time I ran it on September 8) which goes along the bike path and down into the Rosandra Valley and back home again. The fast, short run plus a cold shower (on the legs only) on Sunday did wonders for my achy legs. Today I feel great!

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