Monday, November 17, 2008

Jota Recipe

Since you're dying to know how to make Jota (say it with me: "Yoh-tah").. I did some digging around. The best recipe I found (that didn't have 12 hours as the estimated cooking time) was good 'ole Emeril! Who knew?

Click here for Yummy JOTA!
Hey All - Above is a picture of my JOTA inspired Bean soup. It is MINUS the Kraut, but it has high quality bacon and ham, lentils (my bean of choice) and potatoes. I promise, the JOTA is next. - Laura

I suggest you make a big pot of jota next weekend for after your long run! It freezes well, too, and I bet you can make it in the crock-pot! Enjoy!!!

P.s. Let's not take out a second mortgage to make soup. I offer the following advice:
Forget the polenta croutons (I mean, come on! Polenta croutons?) and subsitute with saltines or oyster crackers (you can take the American out of America but you can't take the America out of the American...). Forget the San Daniele Prosciutto (I mean if you can find it and afford it, just eat it!), and pancetta, well, let's just call it bacon and get on with it...


  1. Oh, my god! So funny! I found the crock pot reference.

    "Don't take out a second mortgage to make soup..."

    Good stuff!

  2. Love it! So happy to be INVITED into your blogs. Will write soon. Will make the jota and take it to faculty room at FA.

  3. Oh yeah! The FA crowd would totally dig Jota if you ask me!