Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What is your POWER SONG?

A few days ago, I posted a question on my facebook page: What song makes you go faster when your legs say "NO WAY?" Let me tell you, I counted 50 songs that people suggested. I am in the process of making a playlist on my ipod of all the songs. I know that it will be motivating to listen to those songs when my legs say 'no way.' You see, my new ipod has a feature that allows me to push one button and hear that one POWER SONG. The difficulty is certainly identifying what song should be my song. Right now, I have my power song selected as Pink's Leave Me Alone. It has a great tempo and edgy message. However, upon my request, my husband created a different playlist to get me through my 6 mile run last saturday. I hadn't really run since I hurt my foot. Naturaly, I was nervous about my body holding up. My husband kicked butt, his playlist was fantastic. I think that any song by Third Eye Blind may get my legs moving faster. There were several suggestions by my friends to make a 3EB song my powersong. Maybe next week.

As Kari mentioned, our training officially starts next week. We begin our 18-week training acording to 'Hot Hal' Higdon. I know that Kari is ahead of me as far as total miles go but, I am so excited to cross off the days, weeks, miles, long runs, as we approach April 5th. I know I've said it before, but this blog keeps the both of us going. We both wake up in the morning wondering if there is a new 'follower' or if someone has posted something. It feels great to know that through your encouragement and comments, we are not doing this alone. We are so very excited about running the marathon together. We are so very excited about being encouraged by all of you. Please keep posting. Please keep making us laugh. Please keep making suggestions of how to heal those aching arches, butts, and toes. Please keep sending us POWER SONGS. Hey, every little bit helps us meet our goal.
My friend Davide gave me a power cd the other day... It's an album by Korn (on this keyboard you can't really type the R backwards...). It starts with a cover of WORD UP! I'm not kidding. Total power song. I recommend it. -Karoline


  1. anxious to know what is on your playlist and hoping you'll share so that I may get my butt going and get into shape.

  2. This Week's Play List:

    Baby I'm A Star
    Back to You
    Hotel Illness
    I've Done Everything For You
    Kids Wanna Rock
    Sweet Home Alabama
    My Car
    Pretty Babies
    The Pretender
    Raise Your Hands
    Acoustic #3
    Wild in the Streets
    Long Road to Ruin
    We Run
    Detroit Waves

    POWER SONG: Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)

  3. I don't have the Nike pod, but I do have a Power Song.. Runaway by Jamiroquai. Actually everything by Jamiroquai...