Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Need Something for those Achy Muscles?

I’m not sure what program you’re using, Laura, but my program with Hal officially starts next week with 18 weeks to go. My job up until now was to try to get my mileage up to about halfway (21k more or less, which I did two weeks ago) so that I could feel strong for the first long run of 9 miles next week. This weekend I did a hilly 8-mile route on Saturday night in the dark, which I thought would be lonely but it turned out to be okay. At some point I got that runner’s euphoria that made me feel really lucky that my body is letting me do this and without too much pain.

Not to say that there is no pain.

I’ve become good friends with a green cream they use on racehorses (among other amazing attractions in Trieste, there is also a horse track) that keeps them anti-doping but helps their muscles feel better. It’s like Ben Gay to the hundredth (but, I repeat, not considered doping!) Last week I pulled a muscle in my butt (how does that happen? I mean how do muscles decide which ones are going to pull and when?), and all it took was a gauge of that cream plus a little afternoon nap and POW, all better! A super athlete friend of mine gave me the cream which he buys in bulk (of course it comes in a big jar, it’s for horses, after all). So I’m lucky that my body let’s me do what I’m asking it to do, and for the rest there is horse-strength Ben Gay.


  1. My butt is always sore after soccer. Go figure. I mean, how do you hurt your butt playing soccer?

    (No, I did not fall on it. Seriously.)

    Send the horse miracle drug to Ohio! My team needs it.

  2. I am curious what the miracle cream is. As you may or may not know, I am a horse person. I wonder if it is something that we use here in the states.

    Otherwise, I will have to deal with the pain in the butt when it happens.

  3. so I am still wondering what the miricle cream is?