Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Allez, Cours!

My supportive in-laws (my new favorite blog subject) purchased a book for my husband to help him learn some french. I like to think that I was fluent in french at one point in my life and that I don't need the assistance of this book, but boy-o-boy have we had fun. In our house, 9pm marks the time when I start speaking french to him and he starts reciting the book to me (in his very very very anglophone accent.) I try to understand what he has said and he generally looks at me with a glazed-over look (wtf did she just say???) As I fade off to sleep, I end up dreaming of him wearing a beret on the Champs d' Elysee - usually shouting some derivation of french encouragement.

Here are some of the phrases he must perfect before joining us in Paris: (Kari, please feel free to add any that you think are appropriate)

Ouah, Laura, comme tu es jolie! (Wow, Laura, how nice you look!)
C'est l'heure de manger! (It's time to eat!)
Allez, cours! (Come on, run)
As-tu soif, Laura? Bois beaucoup d'eau! (Are you thirsty, Laura. Drink a lot of water.)
Si tu termines tout, mais vraiment tout, je tu donnerai des fraises avec de la creme. (***taken straight from his book, but my personal favorite...if he yells this from the side of the street, I will probably lmao (mdr, in french) because it means: If you finish it all, and I mean all, I'll give you strawberries with cream.)

I better hit the treadmill - it is snowing to beat the band outside! I hope today's 5-miles are better than yesterday's 3!!! Geesh.


  1. LMAO I love it especially the last phrase. However, I'll substitute strawberries and creme for a big, fat crepe. mmmmmm can't wait to get my hands on one of those.
    Sorry to hear about your 9 miler but I hope you were able to get back in your groove again. I know how terribly frustrating 'failed' training runs can be. Do you run any NYRR races?

    Yoda's pep talk was awesome :-) Tap into it when you hit a rough spot. Run, girl, run! You got this!
    Have a very wonderful and happy new year!

  2. 5 miles went well today - back in the groove, everyone!! Thanks for the support.

  3. Have you not read the chapter in Hot Hal? Chapter 23- Get a Yoda.
    I'll be your Yoda anytime! Keep on keepin' on!