Saturday, December 6, 2008's cold up here!

I have had a great week of Jewelry sales. Many of my friends were all too happy to place orders. Many people have just said, here's some money - that's cool too. I just hope people understand that every penny that is donated goes directly to PolioPlus. Kari and I are not pocketing a single penny, euro, or peso for our own personal expenses. I can't wait for all of you to read what fun she has been up to. Her fundraising efforts are taking on a life of their own. I also chatted with our other 'silent' partner, Maegon. She is just starting to get her running mind back in place in order to meet us in Paris. She finished the Chicago marathon a few months ago and is on board to run with us in April, too. She isn't really hip to the blog thing, but she is in touch enough for us to feel her presence.

I looked at my training schedule for today and saw that I had to do a 6-mile run. I envisioned the same run as last week, until I looked at the weather station. It was 19 degrees when I was preparing to run. Needless to say, I dusted off my home treadmill (not quite as nice as the one I use at work) and got to work. Now, people ask why I love the treadmill workout. I guess there are two reasons. First off, my workout partner at school is about half my height. She loves to run with me, but you can very well imagine the image of me (the Clydsdale) and her (the American Miniature) as we head off down the road. It kills her, and it isn't a workout for me. The solution, of course, is for us to run on deuling treadmills. She gets a great workout, and so do I. At home, I enjoy having the readout in front of me - although I barely need it with my new ipod gadget. AND, picture this - as I don't have Chrissy to work out with me at home, I get quite bored, so I am plugged into the ipod (music, music, music) and I have the tv on in front of me (subtitles on, of course.) The true demonstration of multi-tasking. I am now sweating, singing, and catching up on the latest OJ Simpson garbage.

SO, off for some Christmas shopping - what will Santa bring me, I wonder?


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  2. It was so cold again today that I ended up riding the stationary bike in front of the tv. I rode for 45 minutes - it felt good to do something other than run. I think I will make it a part of my workout week. Did I mention that it was COLD this weekend? Windy, too. It felt like what the arctic circle must feel like right about now. C O L D.