Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Week Two

Last week I did all of my miles, but I didn’t necessarily do them on the days I was supposed to. This left me with 17 miles to do between Saturday and Sunday. I do not recommend this approach. I don’t think procrastination and Marathon training get along very well. Thank GOD it was only week one (and not, say, week 16!) So I’m going for a new approach this week. Mornings. I am going to get the running out of the way before I can talk myself out of it or let other plans get in the way. Hopefully this will make my days start (even) better and I am going to follow my plan like a recipe for chocolate cake (something I am very good at following).

Here’s what I’m doing this week. Yesterday: NOTHING (not even work, some kind of holiday here, although I did run twice the day before and play tennis, see the note on procrastination above). Today: 40 minutes this morning. Tomorrow: 50 minutes, Thursday: 40 minutes, Friday: rest (party?), Saturday: 5 miles, Sunday 9 miles. And here is another thing I am doing this week: breakfast. You can’t train and not have it. So I was good today. I ran first thing in the morning and then I came home and ate breakfast, and that lasted me until lunch. Happy week two, partner! Only 17 to go!

AND - here is what my (Laura) week looks like: Yesterday: NOTHING (it's not a holiday here and my workout partner had a doctor's appointment. I ended up working on sub-plans so that I could go to a conference today.) Today: 3o minutes this afternoon. Tomorrow: 40 minutes, Thursday: 30 minutes. Friday: lifting (and party?), Saturday: 7 miles, Sunday: Cross training (stationary bike at a friend's house.) Our workout week looks quite the same, but my milage is a bit lower than Kari's. I may move into the intermediate workout schedule, but I don't feel quite ready for it yet. I run in the afternoon (usually at 3:15.) It is just the right amount of time between lunch and dinner. I can't do well on an empty stomach (before breakfast) and I don't do well on a full one, either. This works the best for me. Happy week to you, too, partner. 17 weeks to go - YIKES.

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