Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Am A Running Godess!!!

I looked at my running schedule this morning and was a bit dismayed at the fact that I have to run on Christmas. I don't know why that bothers me so, as I was so excited to trot with the Turkeys on Turkey Day. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I don't want to miss one expression of surprise on my kids' faces as they go from home to grandparents to other grandparents....

I decided that I will divide my Thursday running and tack it onto my runs on Tuesday and Wednesday - just this week, only. (Although, I have reason to believe that my body will like this...more to follow.) So, I was supposed to go only 3 miles today, I added 1.5 miles to that but ended rounding up to 5 miles as I FELT SO GREAT running today! When I say great, I mean G R E A T - all caps, all screaming at you, all happy to be on the page- GREAT. I felt great. I don't know that telling you this six or seven times makes you understand, but when I say that I could have run 12 miles, I probably could have done it - I felt that great. I thought to myself that I hope I feel this great on April 5th - that, too, would be great.

I am starting to wonder if my body enjoys the TWO days between long runs and short days. In other words, would my body respond better to a long run on Saturday, bike on Sunday, off on Monday, Run on Tuesday and Wednesday, off on Thursday and Friday (repeat.) I don't want to mess with Hot Hal's perfect recipe for marathon success, but it DOES make me scratch my head and question - do I know my own body better than Hal??? Having said that, I'll chicken out on my own plan and revert back to Hal's schedule, but I do feel slightly empowered to think that I am figuring out my own inner voice - it is telling me that I felt great today, I will feel great tomorrow and Thursday, I will be glad that I am not running (legs will be tired and angry at me for pushing so hard....)

On a side note, faithful readers, we are beginning to get attention from other Paris Marathoners and I should take a moment to say hello to all of them. This Paris Marathon Club is beginning to get very exciting. I truly believe that we need to start planning a post-marathon fete where we can all meet and eat and rub our sore muscles.

So - as Kari is on her way to Wisconsin, I am on my way to bed. And, I will have great dreams tonight because, yes, today I feel like a running Godess!!!


  1. PS - check out the stats on my run today - you may not think it is fast, but when you're training for a 4 hour marathon, 9:23 average pace is great - and it felt easy(I should have gone a bit faster, damn.)

  2. Way to go! Great training runs are so motivating :-)We must find other Paris marathon bloggers. I'm so game for a post marathon fete!

    Good luck with your Christmas run. That's true dedication that will pay off big time come April 5th.